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Crackhead's Computer Garage Sale


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Alright guys we all know how much everyone now day's can't seem to live without a computer, especially for "computer junkies" as ourselfs. Well unfortuantly it appears I am about to experience that as I have some money issues that I have been unable to reslove. But before I have to say goodbye to my entire sytem I wanted to make one last ditch effort to raise enough cash to make the minium payments for what I owe. So take a list and let me know if your interested in any of these products either with a reply or a PM with an offer that you think is fair. I will be accepting paypal payments, and shipping the items mostlikey via fed-ex ground.


***First person(s) to send in there offers of a resonable price on products get priorty, as time is something crucial to me***


So without further adue the list of items... :(

(*OEM Used)

(** Used- Missing box, but have the all the orignial contents)

(***Used- Everything included in the regular retail version)



Fans: 11(OEM)

**---5: 80mm Logisys Blue UV

**---2: 120mm Thermaltake Blue LED Smart Fan (hav sensor/pci slot/3-4pin adapter)

*---2: 80mm Black

*---1: 92mm Vantec Tornado

*---1: 92mm Black Panaflo



*---4: 12in UV

*---2: 4in Purple


Computer Hardware:13

**---Thermaltake Tsunami VA3000BWA Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Case

(SALE PENDING)---Thermaltake HardCano 12 HDD Cooler and LCD Heat Monitor

**---Thermalright XP-90 Heatsink

***---Audigy 2 ZS SoundBlaster Sound Card

***---ATI X700pro Video Card


*---2Wire Wireless Card for Laptop

*---2Wire Modem (DSL-with wireless and hpna capibilites)

*---SpeedSteam Modem (DSL)

***---Linkysys PCI Wireless Card

*---Old PCI Cards/Optical & Floppy Drives

***Maybe coming soon***---MSI K8N Neo Platnium4 Motherboard

***Maybe coming soon***---AMD 3700+ San Diego


Entertainment: 2

***---Brand New PS2 Slim Version (lost reciept and store credit doesnt help me)

***---True Crime: New York City PS2 Game



Remember getting in touch with me first with an offer fair to you is the way to getting the item your interested in!


Thank you for your time and have a Happy New Years!




Email: [email protected]

AIM: ZippoBlade

(Updated 01/05/06)

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Thread has been updated...And thankyou all who have contacted me with interest about the items above. If anyone has any questions/concerns please do not hesitate to ask.


FYI BoyBandsMustDie: I don't know if your pm didnt go through like a lot of mine dont sometimes but just letting you know I never recieved a pm and if still interested give me a hollar.



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