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  1. Did you make sure your powersupply is putting out good power? That video card you have taxes a powersupply, trust me, i have 2 7800gtx's.. Just a thought.
  2. that sux that you are in the UK. I have 2 120 Gig's sitting here unused...
  3. I have a hitachi deskstar 250 gig SATA 150 / SATA II hard drive, 7200 RPM here that Im not using. It was 135.00 new, when I got it 2 months ago. Ill take 100.00 for it shipped.
  4. Those motherboards are bad to go beyond 230 fsb. They arent made for extreme overclocking, like the dfi infinity is.
  5. I need a 6200 to 6800Ultra series Nvidia AGP card. Brand non important. I just need something soon! Please list what you have, and how much you want for it. Thanks.
  6. Are these cards still available? I am interested. thanks.
  7. Offer: 18.00 paypal for 2 sticks shipped! payable right now! thanks
  8. does it include any characters or anything? I never played the game, so I apologize if Im misunderstood about the game. Im not sure if its like other games, where you have to include the account info or if its just install the cd key and your good. If you have more info on this, I will take both. Thanks.
  9. ok, you all convinced me, I will get a 7800GTX. Thanks for the help everyone!
  10. I have 2 gtx's in my opty rig and I love them. I dont benchmark with them, but I love how no game struggles. I just want something for her that will be a good upgrade, and not one that can get outdated in a month...
  11. It would be about 100.00 cheaper to go with 1 gtx, but I think the 2 gt's will outperform 1 gtx. Especially since I wont be upgrading her computer for a while. I weighed the option of getting a gtx and one later, but thats 400 bux more in the long run then it would be to just get 2 gt's right now..
  12. I have a limited budget. I can either get a 7800 GTX or 2X 7800 GT video cards. Which would be better for games? This computer won t be upgraded for a while, so the "get the 7800 gtx, you can always get another one later" wont come into play here. I myself having 2 7800 gtx cards in my rig, I cant be happier, but this isnt for me, its for my fiance who plays games, but not as much as me:). The rig is as follows: DFI NF4 SLI-DR AMD 3800+ 64 @ 2.7 ghz (XP-90C with medium speed fan) 2 gigs OCZ PC4000 Ram OCZ Powerstream 520 watt psu I'm thinking about getting the 7800's and overclocking them a little. Only because she wont be upgrading for a while, and that extra card in there with the 7800 will only better it.
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