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  1. Yeah, my wife bought the Wii fitness thing, and it got used about 3 times. Now it sits under our coffee table collecting dust. It doesn't sound like you are super interested in owning a Wii, so I would suggest borrowing one from someone to let your wife try it out and see if she is relly going to use it.
  2. post the info, and maybe someone can tell you what it means.
  3. Link? For the lazy ones, like me
  4. Hmmm, I'll still take Print Screen and paste into Photoshop. A lot more options there, I think. Plus it is cheaper for me, and no, I'm not talking about warez, I have a fully legal copy, bought and paid for. Cost me $10.
  5. I would recommend he gets himself tested for STD's as well. She may SAY it only happened once . . .
  6. It doesn't sound like he had overdraft protection. I have it at Fifth Third and if I should happen to overdraft, they will auto-transfer from savings to cover the amount. Of course they charge a $6 fee for doing so . . . The thing that really annoys me is that I specifically requested that Fifth Third should decline any transactions made if there wasn't sufficient funds in my checking and they absolutely refused to do that, citing it as a conveinience that they would cover an overdraft and charge me a massive fee for doing so. So I opted for the protection.
  7. Lol, you have not yet begun to learn the meaning of 'much needed sleep" Congratulations! There is nothing quite as meaningful to accomplish in this world as creating a life.
  8. Ever heard of OSHA? I have belonged to a union, I used to work at UPS and I started as a union worker, and later moved to management, so I saw both sides of it there. In my opinion, UAW should go. I don't think unions have a place in jobs like factory work, grocery stores, UPS, etc. A long time ago, they were a worthwhile endeavor, but as someone else said, we now have a lot of government regulation like OSHA to help keep workers safe and healthy. That being said, there are still some places where unions do some good. Take for instance the electrical union, or painters union. These are organizations that individual workers can belong to to get better health benefits, access to more jobs, help finding jobs, training, etc. Very helpful, especially to someone who may be just starting out.
  9. I was just being sarcastic since all I ever hear on the news here is how so many people are down and out and businesses everywhere are struggling.
  10. But I thought the economy was a wreck?!? How are these people able to be out spending money? I thought no one had any anymore . . .
  11. I really like Silent Debuggers and Cadash. Splatterhouse is great for a quick game, and I have logged many hours playing Alien Crush. Sinistron is sweet as well. My all-time favorite TG16 game is Ninja Spirit. Awesome game with a great soundtrack.
  12. Hear, hear. That's my main issue, keep the government small and fiscally responsible. I'll vote for whatever party or whatever candidate is going to do that.
  13. Given that about 1/2 of the group is girls, I'd say you are correct
  14. I think that is the point. He looks like he's in costume lik Dave Chappell when he was playing a crack addict.
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