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  1. for a brief while, it will be king, but 7900 is gonna lay the smack down again for sure
  2. try harder bro!! http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=4567077 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=1729572
  3. but why would you not file? at your income/age level, you would get 99% of what you paid in back in a check!! unless you file 14 exemptions throught the year that is, in which case they dont with-hold taxes
  4. oh yeah, forgot to add to my sig CCB1E 0550 VPMW apparrently it's a really good one my 150 was a CABGE, it did 2.8Ghz, which isn't so bad, but i ordered that one from the egg, this time i drove to Monarch Computers and had them let me look at the one they had before i would buy it
  5. mine isn't naked, just picked it up today, a few hours ago, but here's where i am at, maybe it will give you some ideas? running a 5:4 ratio i guess.... 300Mhz CPU (2700Mhz) 1.475 vcore 9x multi HTT multi 3x 250Mhz Mem at 2.5-2-2-6 1T cmd @ 3.05vdimm ------------------------------------------- SiSoft Sandra results CPU Arithmetic benchmark 24325 Dhrystone 11134 Whetstone Memory Bandwidth Bench 6956Mb/s Int 6880Mb/s Float Cache and Memory bench Combined Index 7970Mb/s ------------------------------------------- 3DMark 06 score http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=40816 ------------------------------------------- my performance went up a large amount coming from a Opteron 150 @ 2.8Ghz (235Mhz 1:1)
  6. find one review where it doesn't beat anything you can throw at it and fine one review where the Zalman cools as well as H2O
  7. if the Thermalright V1 Ultra fits it, it's the best bar none, outperforms any other, but be warned, it is very difficult in comparison to mount keeps my 7800GT at 45*c full load, idles 31*c clocked from 445/1070 to 530/1260 that's H2O performance from a heatsink
  8. x850XT finally priced right overclocked 6800GS would be another good one, all things considered, they tend to overclock beyond 6800Ultra spec + SM3.0 support, which is becoming more and more a desired feature these days (ala 3DMark 06) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814130267
  9. indeed! http://www.driverheaven.net/articles/efficiency/ it's hard to consider it anymore than a "refresh" when the new "features" being the changes to the ALU's and whatnot have not appeared to have done much good, with clock speeds not increasing, and memory being very conservative(cant say i blame them there, availability and all), it just doesn't look like anything that was worth waiting for, so many people skipped x1800 because they were dissapointed in its performance, and they expected big things from x1900, and so far, it hasn't happened, but it is early, very early
  10. the GTO craze is over i think, you can get a x850XT for $220 from the egg now, no need to unlock, just overclock a bit get the 6800GS, there's nothing in that price range, other than the x850XT that compares to it in general, considering speed, price, and features, especially if it's a AGP card, the NV40 6800GS AGP's are unlocking really well apparrently and overclock much better than the NV40 6800GT's did, it looks to me like making a 6800GS AGP run faster than a 6800Ultra ever did is pretty easy, and for $200.......can't beat that
  11. i did, in the other thread, i like it once it stops farting
  12. enthusiasts care ZERO about "requirements", fact is there are alot of games that look better with Sm3.0 enhancements, some more than others, but why not get it if it's available, Far Cry was so much better with HDR enabled, Pacific Fighters looks so much better with it enabled, there's others, i dont have a list handy I require the best i can get for the money i spend, that's what I require, if others want to settle for less for whatever reason, so be it, i just dont see the logic in it if you're gonna say that being able to score higher on 3DMark 06 is no reason to get the faster newer cards, then you also have to say that it doesn't make sense to give up SM3.0 in exchange for 10-15 FPS in a game already running well above refresh rates and well above what's "necessary" to enjoy the game it's all a matter of perception
  13. thats what i thought, XT vs. 256GTX, XTX vs. 512GTX, x1900 looks like another "refresh" more than a new breakthrough
  14. yeah, pretty good thing because they probably would have abandoned SM3.0 altogether if you did that....good call....
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