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  1. Yea... us 03/04 cobra boys have t56's And its so nice of you to confirm that mustangs get all the chicks! Thats really big of you 94.
  2. Hooray! We need more Mustang guys around here. (nudges puck and 94Camero) I just baught some black rims for mine, while not as sweet as black on black I still enjoy them. not 56k friendly
  3. +1 for just buying some barrels (from above) so it would go like this..... Where the Green is what you have now Blue = barrels you need Red = Xbox audio cables At least thats how my xbox is hooked up to my monitor P.S. (sorry for the shotty quality... woohoo for webcams)
  4. no ones angry andrew Like i said, I can't see many people seriously considering to buy this. Just wait until someone hurts themselves because they tried retrieving it when it ran out of batteries, and was out of their normal reach.
  5. Now I'm not saying that this is the best thing ever.... I mean they test it in the most ideal conditions nothing real world about it. But the their site gives a price of only $100 for the base model which some people might see as more practical than $200.
  6. Hey me too! I wanted to hop on top of it before I got committed to Ep. 2 Didn't think it would be that long though... not saying its a bad thing
  7. If you can get them for the same price I figured people would be telling you to grab the 7900gto. Please correct me since I can't be sure but I thought the 7900gto could, in most cases, be clocked to 7900gtx speeds. Which I'm just assuming would beat a X1950 pro.....
  8. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=172602
  9. "Top 10 reasons to install Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)" That's a huge difference from a normal xp install. If you never have, you should install just XP with no service pack on a computer and try surfing the web for a good 30 mins. Then compare that to surfing with service pack 2. The number of pop-ups is cut by like 50%. Now I will admit, service pack 2 does still have it's flaws, it is nothing compared to a plain old install of just XP. And to keep this thread moving.... yes I do see much irony in their reasoning.
  10. RIP little guy, here to hoping mine stays working for at least a few more years Be sure to let us know how that gigabit treats you :edit: way to steal my thoughts schwag
  11. I don't know if this has been discussed yet, but the new steam update introduces a new steam community option. Anyone up for starting a OCC "clan"?
  12. In case some of you guys don't check woot.com everynight at midnight (central), you might like to get in on todays deal. Razer Barracuda headset for $65 shipped! I didn't exactly need one, but well I have a set now Newegg has these for ~ $120 In case you don't know how to get to Woot, Click here Hope someone else here hops on this as I think it's really one hell of a deal
  13. Just a heads up, found this deal at slickdeals.net and thought some people with a fry's store near them would want to check it out. Not a bad deal if you can find one I suppose Anyone wanna pick me up one? link to scan Orignal post
  14. There is a store in town that still has a few used laser disc's for sale, but for the life of my I don't remember what they charge. All I could find on their website was > THIS < so maybe $85/3 = ~$28 for StarWars I would also look around e-bay if you have no checked yet.
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