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I Need Beta Testers

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Attention OCC members:



www.singletrader.com is almost complete and I need to manually create 100 profiles for testing purposes. As the site is still under security testing it won't go public for 2 weeks or so (if all goes well). If you are interested in beta testing please let me know asap. Beta testers automatically receive a free lifetime membership to the site. As much as I would love to say what the site does, I can't disclose that information on a public forum, as this site is unlike any other on the web and I don't want any information leaked. Please PM me if you are interested

in participating in Beta Testing.



All Beta Testers need to PM me with their profile information for me to manually load up to the server so we can start testing.


I need the following from you:




A Self Photo









Eye Color



Hair Color






Place of birth (where you were born) and current location (where you live now)



Date of Birth (month, day, year) MM/DD/YYYY



Education Level and all schools attended from elementary to university level or tech school (in order by year with dates attended)



military affiliation, level, rank, etc...



Sexual Preference: Do you prefer: Men or Women, Or Both

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Main points:


We host night clubs

Members get free cover (18+ 21+) nightclub pending (all 50 states)

Members get free bar tabs

Members can plan their night ahead and make reservations

Members can post their resume on their profile

Members can find people they went to school with

Members can find people by school affiliation

Members can find people by video game title

Members can find people by occupation or career interest


Its a very extensive people connection with a new "type" of forum never seen before. There is way too much to list here.



no age limit. E-mail me at both email addresses in case one or the other gets filtered by my server.


[email protected]

[email protected]

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