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  1. I couldn't vote, you left priest out. (And for shame, I'm sure you've been healed on many occasions by a priest at the endgame!) Rerolled a priest couple weeks ago. Already 47. So much more fun than my Paladin ever was. I refuse to play a rogue; so many people play them because of how easy they solo the game that'd make me feel dirty to play one.
  2. Reidhardt

    Doom3: Roe

    I've picked it up and have been playing it. Somethings I've noticed- -Much more difficult than Doom 3. The new vulgar enemy pretty much replaces the imp, though imps do still make a few appearences. The vulgars are faster, have a larger, more powerful energy ball attack, and are generally more annoying. -Level design feels more varied. There are some new interesting sequences that break up the standard play style. -The "grabber", gravity gun feels kind of gimmicky to me. That and it's hard to use. Unlike the Half-Life 2 gravity gun, you have to press and hold to hold onto and object and even then, the hold expires before long, dropping the object. -Not as many video discs/audio logs. Smaller budget I assume. -It's too lit up. There is likely not an area you couldn't go through without using the flash light. While I know the great majority of people hated how dark Doom 3 was, I liked it.
  3. Most gold I've had at one time was 270. I decided around that point I really didn't feel like wasting so much more time raising the rest of the 900 for an epic mount. I then went and blew most of it; I remember most of it I spent on all the bank slots and 16 slot bags. My druid alt on Shadow Moon is now level 20. I'll be playing there with real life friends. The character's name is Yevalos.
  4. I took advantage of the server transfer and transfered my Paladin to Bloodscalp, made a Horde alt on Shattered Hand (server I moved from). Played him a bit, up to 22, now focusing on a Night Elf Druid on Shadow Moon. I have friends that play on Shadow Moon and absolutely won't move, so I've got to build up there.
  5. That was their April Fool's.
  6. I'm looking forward to Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory, Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, Battlefield 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and Day Of Defeat Source most of all. There are some other games coming out that look interesting; Cold Fear comes to mind.
  7. /played I think it's rather sad actually. All my time, only one character; I have alts, none of which I've spent a great amount of time on, many of which I would get into the teens and decided that I'm not going to play them any longer and then deleted.
  8. My /played would likely make you cry. I haven't played in a week though. Taking a break for some KOTOR 2. At the endgame and running the same three instances over and over again.
  9. Reidhardt

    Resident Evil 4

    Preordered it but I've gotta get a way out there.
  10. They said they're aren't going to put WinFS in Longhorn due to time constrictions. As to your question I haven't a clue.
  11. Awakens from World Of WarCraft induced coma I'd have to say World Of WarCraft. Loved Half-Life 2 but it was too short. My Xfire page won't give you an accurate number of hours played as I sort of stopped logging in. It's probably better that way, it might scare you just how much I've played.
  12. Reidhardt

    Everquest 2 Anyone?

    Funny thing is I noticed Ghost was playing EQ2 the other day.
  13. Game: World of Warcraft Server: Bloodscalp Character Name: Reidhardt Faction: Alliance Race: Human Class: Paladin Guild: Game: World of Warcraft Server: Khadgar Character Name: Reidhardt Faction: Horde Race: Undead Class: Priest Guild: Team Envy
  14. So World Of WarCraft's been out a few days, and through there sure has been some problems, it seems like everything is in good condition now. So I was wondering what realms everyone is playing on, since Xfire doesn't seem to report this. I am on East Coast PvP server Shattered Hand.
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