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  1. heh i think my dads computer is still folding for OCC
  2. so basically i should just build another rig (and its socket 775 i think lol)
  3. well ive been away from the "game" for a while, and the computer i have now is finnaly startin g to bog down under the stress. I was thinking of overclocking it again. i moved to a64 and i dont know what anything is anymore. FSB, DDR its all jargon to me. basically here are the specs 3000+ 775 a64 Gigabyte-K8NS 2gb corsair xms i think its got cas 2 or 2.5 pc 3200 i think. (i donno what that means either) anyways if u guys could help me out that would be great PS Hello to everyone that liked me
  4. General

    Pvp Ranking

    highest i got was knight then i stopped concentrating on PVP. PVP with a paladin is like cutting steak with a broomstick
  5. Its addictive so what.. if you work all day and got nothing to do.. just play wow. after you get your guy to 60 its not nearly as much fun as it initilly is. In the past few weeks ive tried a few other MMOs Ive tried City of villans / heroes lineage 2 matrix online guild wars. and none of them stack up to wow in terms of how easy it is to start up, how easy it is to understand the game and how good the user interface is. IMHO wether you play 2 hours of AA, 2 hours of BF and 2 hours of quake3, or play 6 hours of wow does it really matter?
  6. That is the most disgusting thing ive ever seen.
  7. Well I guess im the only COV guy here I just bought it today and am liking it wow got boring.
  8. Ya i didnt expect this thread to last. I saw it done on newgrounds but people here are more inteligent See the thing is.. This thread cant be funny because your trying to make it unfunny.. but at the same time your trying to achive a funnyness through sheer unfunnyness. If OCC should have one Paradox thread it should be this one.
  9. *sigh* yay Revision 2 I look like Leo. 71% B:) LMAO
  10. Ok basicly we take funny pictures we find around the net. Im sure everyone knows what im talking aboout: All The PWNED pictures or the Id Hit It or Stupid Traffic Signs. Stuff like that.. and you try to make it unfunny. Sorta like THis
  11. Over the past 2 years or so Ive read The entire LOTR trillogy and The Bourne Identity in the bathroom. tried eating once and i felt so dirty afterwards I burshed my teeth.
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