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  1. Checking in on OCC - It's been since 2004

  2. I think I got it. Would you mind letting me know if it's fixed? The logo in the top left that says BetterTrades is now an image and has anti-alias text. Fixed the forums nav on the right side. Haven't tweaked the buttons yet in the main banners. Were you saying you'd like the ENTIRE Better Trades Stock Reviews banner section to clickable? The big image section with the 3 scrolling banners? Not sure where you were referring to the green button. Also trimmed the content down.
  3. made some significant improvements to the bettertrades site since your last bit of recommendations. One more round of being roasted would be appreciated! Trying to get this puppy nice and polished. Over 600 pages built so far! Let me know your thoughts. Be mean if you have to http://www.better-trades.com/
  4. Found this article on Forbes Nintendo on Forbes Good to see my childhood making headlines lol
  5. I did PM him, but he never responded. Wasn't sure if he was still around. I'm not sure if you can code for different versions of FF. This has been baffling me for some time. Anyone know the hack to code for diff versions of FF? It looks fine to me, so I'm stumped!
  6. yes, I did update the background. Was a simple fix. If anyone has Safari, can you tell me if it looks broken? I don't have an apple/mac to test in at the moment. The purpose of the site is to simplify the stock market by giving people "dummy proof" reviews and provide insight as to what we look at when analyzing at stock or company. Bosco, can we do a review of Overclockersclub?
  7. - Hardng that is good advice. Thanks so much. I've been focusing on the content so much I totally forgot to fix that stretched background. The design went in a few different directions so I got distracted. Bosco - I've been great! Are you still in GF Canada? We need to catch up. We can do a feature of OCC on better-trades if you want? I've been a huge fan of this site for many years so I'd be honored to put it in the limelight any chance I get. We have a featured website/blog area that may be suitable. Better-Trades Blogs/websites. Might help boost you guys a bit with the people who follow tech stocks in our community. Just a thought.
  8. Hey guys, been a while. I wonder if Bosco is still here? I did your old fire website years ago. If you read this, just curious what you think. Just built a new site and wanted some feedback. Be harsh if necessary! better-trades stock reviews Best, J
  9. looks like self imposed grading. Hey look...my games are now "graded" give me more money.
  10. http://www.vggrader.com/index.aspx Apparently some guy is selling games on ebay claiming that his NES factory sealed games are graded by an "expert 3rd party grading company." After verification it looks like two guys got together, one to make the acrylic cases and the other to acquire the games and pass them off as "registered graded" games to bring in more money. This smells bad every way you spin it. Buyers Beware!
  11. She toured for TrimSpa... that weight loss company that endorsed her.
  12. Anna Nicole Smith's bus goes up for sale with all of her belongings on it. Read the story on her on the page. Kinda sad. http://www.hismajestycoach.com/index.html
  13. http://www.crn.com/hardware/207000418 enjoy
  14. Almost too interesting to comment on. Wow...and I'm a Republican. Just see for yourself. So much is covered and its spread out through the video. How 911 and religion are tied to our government and more. http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/
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