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  1. some rich dude who spent like 20 million running for gov. as in indep. and lost lol
  2. can anyone suggest a good keytracker or key counter program that i could use on someones computer
  3. i view terrorism as conservative religious fanatics fighting for what they believe
  4. not true if you have a riffled barrel, what i recommend is going to dicks or if you have one bass pro shop and buying a mossberg 500, and its riffled barrel. (if it is deer you want to hunt make sure you look at your local gaming regulations to see if riffled barrels are legal) they are in most states. then for your ammo i will suggest Hornady 12 GA SST SHOTGUN SLUG. there the fastest in the field right now(basically a rifle). and put a nice 7x sight on it and you have a shotgun/riffle SST stats Velocity (fps) / Energy (ft-lbs) Muzzle 50 yd 100 yd 150 yd 200 yd 2000/2644 1816/2196 1641/1793 1482/1463 1341/1198 Trajectory (inches) Muzzle 50 yd 100 yd 150 yd 200 yd -0.9 2.4 2.7 0 -6.7
  5. well it dep. what i do is ill say 1500$ and ill give them everything, or if it is a gaming rig ill say 2000
  6. http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/12/23/bin.laden...e.ap/index.html sorry if it was posted all ready, i just thought it was worth a read
  7. Alright Im so bored right now Im just gonna start some random thread about nothing. This is for all you insomniacs out there. Would you go Sky Diving? (I will after high school, so this summer.) Would you let someone shoot an apple off your head? (Yes I would.) What wouldn't you do for a knoldite bar? (they suck) Would you die for something you Believed in? (yes any in the blink of an eye) Would you start a new Three word story thread? (no there just anoying)
  8. i spend most of my time gaming and every sec. not spent gaming i'm dl something
  9. i don't read but everyonce and a while i drink vodka.
  10. yeah they would go for the m16, i have a close friend with the civ m16
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