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  1. Game: World of Warcraft Server: Shadow Moon Character Name: Morrik Faction: Alliance Race: Human Class: Pally Guild: N/A Picture once server comes back up
  2. all depends on what server you're on and who you want to meet up with... and if they are on teh same team
  3. Playing Magic the Gathering.. what a waste of money that turned out to be... now i have thousands of cards and nothing ot do with them...bah
  4. Bah, you kooky british only been on that island for 1500 some odd years longer than we have existed over here... a little longer to get everything smoothed out
  5. Do you have the option of chosing XP Pro? Im sure that 2000 Pro would work but might have some conflicts with certain updates/downloads/programs.
  6. You have the Flu, Yes you do, You're really sick, and thats not cool. But even though you have the flu I hope you know That I love you !It's a wrap, though I like r target's poem better !
  7. poor newport, i bet he's in shambles. bah, hope his mom doesnt ever read this stuff
  8. Boondock Saints=awesome. I have it and its one of my favorite movies, mos def in my top favs with Snatch, Shawshank Redemption, and Fight Club
  9. thats crazy awesome man, having a laptop is always handy
  10. Clutrual diversity is excellent... but not if the government makes colleges decline a more elligible student over one of less eligibilty due to a low quota of that miniority.
  11. Ha ha, we'll see. I think you'd better worry about being passed before you worry about passing I think we both know that I'm just waaaay out of your league, ha ha. j/k
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