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  1. Hey you guys rock for getting my account all fixed up!
  2. Hey guys, long time since I've been here. So here's the thing, trying to build a Quiz in Excel, the questions populate randomly in Column C, and the mulitple choice answers in Column E, G, I and K. In Column O, there is a drop down menu for answer choices (A, B, C or D). Currently in Column Q is where the answers to the randomly populated questions show up. This all works but would have to be manually graded. What I'm trying to figure out is the VBA code to match Column O to Column Q. Ex. Choose ' A ' for your answer, the correct Answer is ' A '. After all questions are answered, click the Score button and it will highlight the correct answers green and the wrong answers red. So, if column O = column Q, highlight green. If column O doesn't equal column Q, highlight red. But only from being able to click the score button. Thanks. Edit: Got it all figured out after a little help. So no need to have this thread anymore.
  3. IMO the Glock 17 and 19 are too wide. If you got bigger hands I can see how it would fit better. But I tried out numerous handguns today and settled on a Springfield xD 9mm. Went with the 9mm because it'll be easier for my wife. But the 9mm and .45 ACP fit in my hands perfect and I'd say it'd be worth checking them out before just going with the Glock, just to be sure that's what you want. So, my new purchase was a xD 9mm. Thought about the .40 or .45 but, they didn't have a .40 to play with and didn't want to just figure it'd be the same size. .45 I wanted, but I figured to start off for the wife a 9mm would be best. Also, the Glock felt cheap in my hands compared to the xD. The other guys I was with noticed the same thing. Could just be us though.
  4. Well figured it out guys. The PCI wireless card causes a crash and I'm pretty sure 1 stick of RAM is bad. 1 stick in slot 1 without the without the wireless card in, the system works perfect. He's been playing games having a blast finally playing at the highest detail. Looks like I gotta go through newegg and send back the wireless card (which I figured out there will be enough room, probably just get a 1x PCIE wireless card) and a set of new RAM should make the system work great. So, bad RAM with bad wireless card makes a big change in things. I'll update after the new stuff comes in when we can get with Newegg to swap out the parts. Also, I cleared CMOS and set optimized defaults, base clock to 101.00 and mem voltage to 1.550v. Haven't tried to back off those yet to see if it still works without the bad RAM and wireless NIC, but it's stable and going great now.
  5. Just stock. I would figure RAM or PSU if it would crash any time. But it only freezes within Windows 8 as far as I can tell. Installed Win8 with no problems, but once inside windows, IE froze almost immediately. Reboot and it lasts for about another minute if we're lucky. As far as BSOD's, there have been plenty with Windows8. Not generally enough time before it reboots, but it's usually something about File System and a couple other ones. Googling pretty much says to reinstall Windows, which is where I have been but when it reboots the first time after installing, it comes up with an error about installation and to install Windows I have to reboot, hit OK and it's a never ending loop.
  6. Just built a system for my buddy: GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD5H Intel Core i5-3570K SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7950 G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2x4gb) PC P&C Silencer Mk II 750w Windows 8 There is a 1gb Seagate hdd as well. Nothing major otherwise, the normal keyboard / mouse etc. However, we are having an issue where windows will boot but within a few seconds to a couple minutes it will freeze. I have been up and down google for the last 2 days trying things it says, but nothing is working. BIOS version is F14, which came with it and as far as I can tell is the latest version. I have been trying to install the drivers off the Gigabyte disk, however the system usually doesn't stay on long enough to allow me to install anything. I have gotten a few, but it quickly freezed and had to force reboot it. Is there anything that anyone knows how to get this thing fixed? I'd rather not have to tell him we have to send the motherboard back and get a new / different one. But if that is what needs to be done, we will. Also, I have taken out the video card and ran just on board graphics, no change to anything. RAM I have tried 1 stick, different slots, etc. Removed everything except cd rom, hdd and mobo + cpu / ram. Nothing seems to clear anything.
  7. Thought about getting that one. But didn't justify the $180 more. I got the Inspiron new 15r.
  8. Some places have the HUP available. We have it available to us in the Air Force, maybe you can to. All you have to do is either get your code or put in your email and see if the allow that email. http://www.microsofthup.com/hupus/home.aspx?culture=en-US Probably use your .edu or something email address.
  9. My new Dell Inspiron 15r with core i5 3210. $577 after tax was added in with free 2 day shipping.
  10. I know about the GI Bill, I'm in the Air Force, about 5 years now. What did you do in the Army? Look at becoming a Police Officer? Correctional Officer? What interests you? With the GI bill, you get as many months as you were Active Duty because you were separated with a medical condition. Definitely call the VA or another education center to verify that. But it is possible you can get almost a year worth of school for free which would help you out. -edit- Also, I know about the serving less than a year thing. Try 5 weeks and having to explain that one. It all works out and there are waivers for everything. But in the end, since you are out it's worth looking into the GI Bill benefits. Just because you served less than a year doesn't mean you are completely out of benefits. -edit #2- Did you sign up for Selected Reserve status if that was part of your discharge? That could gain you the maximum 36 months if you did.
  11. Yes, it is 180 days and you can go through the VA to get whatever you need fixed. Just bring your DD214 and have the VA get on it to fix it. Unless you did something wrong...
  12. I'd do a search on google for that. I don't remember exactly the settings in my router (D-Link DIR-655) but there is a certain way to make it do the fastest 300mbps. Something like N only, 20/40MHz and WPA2 only I believe. But like I said, do a quick search on google to make sure you have all the correct settings.
  13. Hey guys been a while since I've posted here but here's the deal, I bought my wife a Gateway NV53A laptop. Nothing special, going to be used for school and normal web surfing and what not. However, it won't connect to my wifi outside of 15 feet or so. Right now in my room the laptop is showing 4 bars out of 5. Out in my living room I get 5. My laptop I'm on right now gets 4 bars in the room. However, the gateway will not connect to the router. I can go into the room where the router is and it will connect and work just fine. But if I go away from there and say, sit on the couch in the living room, it will slow down. Pinging the router nets between >1 ms to over 3000ms ping times. It varies, but once it slows down it stays pretty slow but then will spike back up to fast. But will always go back and slow down. This makes web surfing impossible. I have updated the firmware on my router (D-Link DIR-655 (Rev A, F/W Version 1.35)). I have updated the drivers for the Broadcom 802.11n wireless card. Also have tried downgrading them. The laptop is on Windows 7 Ultimate right now. I thought there was a possible driver issue with 64 bit so I went and put 32 bit on. No change. I have changed every setting in my router I can think of that might help fix this. I was thinking a possible antenna issue on the gateway, however the signal status is the same on all 3 of our laptops in each area I have tried. So I am leaning toward the wifi card being junk or a driver issue. However, I have been searching for 2 weeks now for an answer and netting nothing. But I go back and forth between antenna issue and driver issue because in the room with the router it works fine. Outside the room it barely works at all. So it will work, but I have to be close to the router, where my laptop and the wifes old laptop, both phones can be anywhere in the house and be fine. Is it time for a new router possibly? Hoping anyone has some ideas to try. I really don't want to buy a new router, but I could possibly.
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