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  1. I think saying over 300 is a little misleading, as that basically includes any game that uses the PhysX platform for physics. So that includes any titles that only use the software implementation (i.e. doesn't matter if you have an Nvidia GPU or not), and also Xbox 360 and PS3 titles that use the engine too. There are some games that implement the GPU accelerated version pretty well, but the number still isn't huge. Still looking forward to seeing it make more of a difference in more games.
  2. I'll just quickly list some stuff first, might elaborate a bit later on. As my PC is my main audio source (whether it be music, games or even watching movies, at least for now) it is all connected in some way to that: PC (Music - Headphones) E-MU 0404 USB Shure E3c Sennheiser CX 500 Audio Technica ATH-911 (falling apart a bit, I need to repair them) PC (Music - Speakers) E-MU 0404 USB Tripath TA2020 Based Amp Sony SS-176E PC (Gaming, when I need to talk) Onboard sound (the mic impedance is too high for my 0404 USB) Plantronics Gamecom 367 Headset
  3. When are you planning to go? Just wondering, what with there being the Olympic Games in London this year.
  4. How about not getting a 2011 socket CPU and just upgrading some other parts? I'd rather have an SSD or two if I were you, and also a monitor than can do a bit more than just 1080p. Grab a next gen GPU or two when they come out if you must and you'll be sorted for a while. The "I want a rig to last for a while" argument doesn't really hold up in my opinion. Unless you have a real use for those extra cores and threads (and by that, I mean something you'll be doing a good percentage of the time), then I think it's just upgrading for the sake it.
  5. Nice to see them sticking roughly to SB prices, as I think they could charge a little more if they wanted to. Doubt it'll tempt me away from my 2500K, but it'll be interesting to see how they stack up once released.
  6. jammin

    Test my new game!

    I agree. How much can you really infer from only 5 testers? Not much I would think.
  7. jammin

    Test my new game!

    I completed the survey. Didn't write a great deal, but hopefully it will be useful.
  8. Added Thermaltake Toughpower 1350W - Review data here, here and here Added Senty Golden Steel 850W - Review data here, here and here Removed Topwer Powerbird 800W & 900W - based on single review samples from a couple of years ago. Feel there are better options available now.
  9. No, it doesn't mean it is not good. There are plenty of good units that aren't on the list. The line has to be drawn somewhere and if the standards were a little lower I'm sure the list could easily be twice the size. It can often be a tough decision on what makes it on and what doesn't, and I tend to err on the side of caution for marginal decisions. Price can play a factor as well, and it is one that is hard to account for.
  10. Added XFX Pro Series 1000W Black Edition - Review data here - Same internally as Seasonic Platinum 1000W Added Corsair TX550M 550W - Review data here Added Corsair TX750M 750W - Review data here Added Corsair HX 1050W - Review data here and here Added Enermax MaxRevo 1350W - Review data here and here
  11. Seems to be a little bit of fear of recommending fanless units here. Getting a much higher rated PSU with a quiet fan profile at low loads would be one way to go, sure (and might be cheaper depending on what you go for). I don't think there is anything wrong with opting for a fanless unit though, as long as you remember that you'll need a little bit of air circulation in the case to help with cooling the PSU. Any of the units below would be fine (copied and pasted from the recommended list). The Kingwin and Super Flower are the same unit inside. The X-460FL looks like a good choice at the moment if you are in the US, with the current newegg price and rebate - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151099 - Stryker 500W Fanless - 5yrs - 80Plus Platinum - Review - Golden Silent 500W - ?yrs - 80Plus Platinum - Review - X-400W Fanless - 5yrs - 80Plus Gold - Review - Review - Review - Review - Review - X-460W Fanless - 5yrs - 80Plus Gold - Review
  12. Efficiency ratings have nothing to do with DC output quality. Just to be clear.
  13. Let's see, the main differences between the TX750M and the AX750 are the following. Cabling AX750 - Fully modular cables TX750M - Some fixed, some modular Fully modular makes cable management easier. Efficiency AX750 - 80Plus Gold TX750M - 80Plus Bronze While there is a difference, it would take a long time to notice much difference between how much it costs to run. Warranty AX750 - 7 Years TX750M - 5 Years Might want to check that these are accurate in SA. AX750 should have better build quality overall. Voltage regulation and ripple etc. look roughly comparable from the reviews I've seen. So if any of the above features of the AX750 are important to you, then go for that. If not then the TX750M is still a good unit. Here are reviews of both - TX750M AX750
  14. jammin

    RPG Hardcore

    I'll likely dabble in some hardcore style playing as you put it. Maybe not quite yet though, as I want to see what kind of mods come out once the creation kit for Skyrim is available. I know that there are plans for survival style mods, where you'll have to pay more attention to eating / drinking to stay alive and making combat much harder etc. If anything like the plans here get implemented, then I'm sure you would enjoy it (and I think it'd be fun to play too). http://www.thenexusforums.com/index.php?/topic/462397-total-realism-overhaul/
  15. Added Antec High Current Pro 750W - Review data here Added Antec High Current Gamer 520W - Review data here - worth noting that the Seasonic S12II 520 is currently cheaper (on newegg at least) and has a longer warranty. More or less the same as the Antec internally (Seasonic OEM).
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