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  1. Know when you hear people talking about dual prime? Whatever you test it with you have to run two of it at the same time.
  2. Hah, I broke the wall. Am at 270+ now. Found out the stinkin vcore wasnt really changing when I changed it so I was cappin out at 2.55 at 1.325 volts.
  3. Mostly its because I like to run servers on my comp but still be able to do all the other things I want. That and I have a habit of doing a million dif things while I alt tab in and out of WOW. My 2.4C was actually darn good at that after I got a raptor but it still sucked on the gaming end and degraded pretty bad when I ran a server or fileshare account at the same time. Besides, I think the multi thread thing is going to catch on faster than people think. Both companies multi core chips arent selling to good but they have no other way to really get much faster. I think theyl push the multithread applications along to make their products more appealing. Reason number 3, I had money in my pocket and wanted a new toy to play with. Im not complaining so much as surprised that two chips sooo different end up with the same brick wall at the same fsb. Perhaps if I got a chip with a higher multi my cursed brick wall would still carry over and not be so bad
  4. I kept seeing all these people hitting 260-280 no problem. I never get those lucky cores though lol. That and I wanted a dual core and it was the only one I could afford. Intel dual core would require me to buy a new vid card and ram. Two 2500mhz amd64 cores isn't half bad though I guess. I need to update my sig, im using corsair PC4400 ram now.
  5. So I switch over to the dark side so I can break my 250fsb wall. I buy an X2 3800+ and a neo 2 platinum so I can keep my AGP card. Know what happens? the SAME EXACT THING. This chip hits a brick wall at 250x10. With a load more voltage I can get 255-257. Same exact scenario I had with my 2.4C. Only difference is this chip hates voltage. It hits its 250 limit with low low vcore and any more slightly slightly helps up to a point then it starts to hurt it past 1.5. Past 1.55 I cant even get it to post. Only good point is this chip is a good bit faster at 250fsb. Note. ive actually lowered the vcore since this screen shot and am slowly working it down even further. Am down to 1.325 now Stock cooling, but lets just say its a bit augmented via a window unit. Idle around 18*C, load 30-40 depending on voltage. *edit* problem solved.
  6. Ive found that if I keep my temps in the mid 30s I can run 1.7vcore and hit ~260 so I have essentially given up on the 2.4C. I was all ready to jump on the dual core bandwagon BUT, I dont have the money to replace my video card and ram. Especcialy not since I wouldnt see large real gains in those areas. I saw somewhere an article about an 865PE board with dual core support coming out but I dont see the boards anywhere. Would be nice if one of the NF4 boards would support AGP and DDR1 or atleast DDR1. I do actually have enough money to go ahead and put together a dual core comp but it wouldnt be price effective since I would essentially be wasting my PC4400 and 9800pro. If I were to replace them I wouldnt be able to buy top of the line so all I would end up with is 300 dollars worth interface changes for hardly any gain. What should I spend my dough on? dual raptors for raid? a single raptor and another chip of PC4400 so I can go from 4600 mem scores to ~7000? (but would I feel a dif?) or a different chip and hope for more clocks. current weaknesses: 5400 rpm HD 2.4C that really dosent like to go past 248 piece of DDR333 in with my DDR 550 (bought the 550 to see if 1:1 would help, but didnt buy 2) 17 inch monitor what I use my computer for: World of Warcraft usually at the same time as browsing the web and chatting on several messengers (Why I wanted dual core). A bit of video encoding etc..... occasionally *edit* Took to long to give input bought a 74 gig raptor and another stick of 4400. on zipzoomfly
  7. On my friends we had a heck of a time getting windows to even install but we eventually eneded installing it on a small crappy hd and installing all the drivers games, common programs etc... Then we just did a mirror copy to the raid array. This had a side bonus, when the comp messed up or got to running bad there was always a state he could go back to at will in less than an hour.
  8. 1.5 and 1.75 is a big difference. Anywho, did you lower the htt multi?
  9. Arg I hate dwarves. Mostly because we alliance are forced to live in their city.
  10. Why not relax all the memory so there is no strain on it. Lax timings and lowest divider, max out your CPU then come back to the memory and work it up as much as it will go wherever your cpu stops.
  11. I always thought all houses came with central air Anywho, even central air wasnt enough for me. They sell some nice 5500 btu airconditioners for around 90 bucks at home depot. Does wonders for the overclocking to be able to keep the room at ~70.
  12. I put in my ancient PCI 16 soundblaster to see if it was any better than my onboard CMI sound. It does have better sound quality, BUT the sucker keeps skipping when im listening to MP3s, what could cause that?
  13. Might wanna do some more research before you keep going. Typically you drop the HTT multi, set a ram divider, lock the agp/pci, and start pushing. Not the processor multi, the HTT multi. The last 64 Nforce bios I saw was strange. Automatically had the agp/pci locked unless you wanted to specifiy and overclock for them too. You need to make sure its locked though.
  14. Whats the name of that awesome program everyone uses to test for artifacts and overheating. Its RGHTBBL or some other weird string of consanants that I cant seem to dig up in google no matter how hard I try.
  15. The chips dont like it though. most people drop the HT multi way down, go as far as they can, then bring it back up to a decent number. Also, on my friends we couldnt notice any performance gain by upping the HT.
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