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Whats On Everyone's List Of...


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I know I have a bunch of things on my "list to get," and then I thought, wow, other people might too and wouldnt mind having a conversation about it! :lol:


In no particular order:


1. Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS/Gamer


2. Athlon 64 CPU/Motherboard


3. GeForce 6800 Ultra/GT (or whatever it is)


4. Various sleeving materials for sleeving cables


5. Snow cones (mm.. yummeh; but its about a 3 hour drive both ways to the place in another town :lol)


6. Nice 19" flat screen CRT monitor by Viewsonic


7. More ram/ newer ram for that motherboard


8. Car for when I get my license


9. More snow cones...


whadda'bout you?

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Holy crap batman... are you serious Instag0? a lot of people say that being too materialistic is unhealthy! but then a lot of people say that you can't take your money with you...


so i say spend ALL your money on cool stuff that makes you able to do fun things! :D


my list is too long, seriously, i would be typing for the rest of my life... it's literally endless... maybe you should ask people to make a top 5 or something...


here's my top 5:


1) a Sony S-VHS Hi-8mm camcorder

- not for me, because i borrowed my mate's when i went snowboarding and i lost it or it got stolen... yeah does suck... but i said i'd replace it if anything happened to it... i lost it in january :/


2) a late birthday present for my sister

- it was in june :/ (i lost my job and have been poor for a while)


3) books for my upcoming masters course in Computer Games Technology


4) muay thai lessons


5) a dvd-writer maybe?

- got a lot of stuff built up that could do with being burnt, and not to like a 100 cd's, lol



usually, i'd have a list of cool exciting electronic stuff to get, but i've got overdue things to get people and university coming up... most excited about number 4! :D


i don't really NEED a lot of stuff... but the list would be endless if it was a little more a "wants" list, than a list of stuff to get... ;)

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1. Natalie Portman


2. Dodge Viper


3. A64 & mobo & better ram


4. 6800GT


5. Watercooling


6. The extended edition of LotR: RotK (not out yet...grrrr)


7. an i-pod (see my sig :))



okay...so the first two i probably won't get for awhile, if EVER...but 3-5 should be done soon, and 6-7 eventually.

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Lets see...


A64 FX-53/55 when it comes out in PCI Express

Dual 6800 Ultra Extreme in SLI

Wraparound LCD, it's like 5 LCDs wrapped around into one...Can't remember where I saw it at, it's like $30,000.


Realistically? Maybe a DVD burner, a new CRT.

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More Music CDs

5.1 or better Home Theatre Reciever

Replacement motherboard that doesnt take 3 minutes to boot (warranty can do that)

MASH tv season 6 :D

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

another triple shot blended latte...this one has had it :(

another case of bawls...

caffeinated soap

more penguin mints...down to 1 tin

more spontaneous combustion peanuts

a new vcr

Laptop computer

Toca Race Driver 2

LCD Projector

LCD monitors

MP3/WMA Player and memory to go with it

A porthole to mod into a computer case

another macintosh classic

a very large, heavy and blunt object that is swingable or a 200,000 pound hydraulic press

LCD monitors

Road Bike





Driver's License

High School Diploma (2 years to go)

Cisco Cert (2 more years)

College Degree (unsure how many more years to go)

Scholarships for scholarship degree

Cash :D

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