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  1. Yep it was the mobo. Not too many AM2 boards around these days, but stuck an Asus M3A78 Pro in it and i'm back in business Silverfox: Yea i kinda abandoned this place a few years ago hehe...nice to see some old names though...hope you're doing well buddy Thanks for the help
  2. Hey all, long time! So i was doing my thing last night, when my computer suddenly shut off. So i instantly cleared the cmos and tried to boot, but nada. It starts for about 3 seconds then shuts off. Sometimes it stays on but nothing happens, no bios post, nothing. So i took everything out, leaving just the ram and tried starting but same thing. Then i tried without the ram, same thing. So then i decided to take the mobo out and put it on a box and start it outside the case just in case it was shorting. Still turned on for about 3 seconds then automatically powers off. So i tried a different PSU cause i thought that was what the problem was. On one it stayed on but no bios post, then i tried another PSU and it turned off after 3 seconds. So now i'm left scratching my head over it. I'm not sure if it's the cpu or motherboard. I reseated the cpu and still same problem. So i just rebuilt it all and sometimes it stays on for 3 seconds, sometimes it will just keep going but no bios post and nothing on the screen. I don't have another AM2 mobo laying around to test, nor do i have another processor. Is there any way i can determine what is at fault without testing on other hardware? Oh, and i removed all the case cables, fans etc when it was out of the case, just in case. So literally all i had was a mobo on a box with a psu and ram. Just to eliminate any shorting isses, and i got rid of all the dust bunnies. My specs: AMD 5600+ AM2 Asus M2N-SLI Corsair 6400 DDR2 2x1GB Coolermaster Extreme Power 600W
  3. Yeah nice sources Quoted from ASUS Motherboard manual: I think i'd believe the manufacturer over a reviewer. I have read many debates about this, but the only person who would truly know, is the people who made it...
  4. Try googling it kid before you pretend you know it all....craping people on this board have such attitudes ...How it has gone downhill...
  5. The POINT i'm trying to make is, the ez plug is ONLY FOR SLI, i shouldn't need it! You didn't even know what it was for in your first post dingeling which is why i've been trying to get a second opinion... My X800 worked for months without it and it shouldn't need it since it's not SLi....So something has obviously changed, things just don't decide to not work after months of working perfectly...Something has broken... I'll look elsewhere, not getting much help here...You keep misunderstanding what it's for...
  6. Well i fitted my 7800 today with only the pci-e connector, same as i'd been doing with my x800 for months. Booted into Windows ok, it was detecting new hardware etc then the whole thing just shut off. When i turned the machine back on, everything but the gfx card was getting power, no fan spinning nor screen coming on. So i plugged in the molex into the ez plug thing on the mobo and it's working fine. The thing i'm worried about, is that i've been using it for months without this happening and the ex plug is only needed for SLi. So i'm not sure if there is a problem with the motherboard or psu. I've been searching Asus useless forum but can't find anything.....I did try a pci-e adaptor from a normal molex on both cards and still the cards wouldn't start up... I'll keep looking into it, cause it's not normal behaviour and i think it's probably gonna up and die soon... Oh btw, the image quality on the 7800 is absolutely crap! I was running WoW with 4xAA and 16xaf @ 1440 x 900 and there were jaggies everywhere. My x800 was running with 2xaa and 4xaf @ 1440 x 900 and it was much nicer, hardly any jaggies...So far i'm not impressed, i knew there was a reason i didn't like Nvidia
  7. I've checked power calculators etc and they reckon there's plenty of power. It's not crossfire or anything... What do you mean plug in spare connectors? Shouldn't i try and pull a few out to free up some more power? Should be interesting to see how it behaves with a 7800gtx
  8. what the heck? I plugged both in and it worked?? I've never needed the ez-plug before and it's only for sli, i'm using ati... Any ideas? Bad psu? Gfx card? Mobo? I'm totally stumped!
  9. Yeah i know it's only needed for sli, but i just tried it to see what would happen. I was trying the ez-plug on it's own, without the pci-e connector. The fan wouldn't even spin with the pci-e connector plugged in, so i'm thinking the psu could be faulty?
  10. Ok so in my other post i was saying i think the gfx card was dying as i was getting a fuzzy/snowy screen randomly. Welll today i was using Ubuntu and restarted to go into Windows and before the blue welcome screen came on, the computer shut off. So i turned it back on again and as expected, the monitor didn't come on. I looked in the case and the fan wasn't spinning on the gfx card. Everything else seemed to be ok, the cpu fan and case fans came on. So on my motherboard i have an ez plug for sli, so i unplugged the pci-e connector and tried the ez plug. To my amazement the gfx card fan was spinning but i was getting an error that there was no power going to the gfx card. So, now i'm wondering, is my psu at fault? Or is it still the gfx card? I'm not too sure what to make of it. Surely the pci-e connector from the psu or on the card could be faulty as the fan works from the ez plug... Can i try plugging the ez plug and the pci-e connector in? Or would that be a stupid idea? I've already ordered a new gfx card 7800GTX, and i don't want to plug it in to a faulty psu. I know Hiper psu's are known for overvolting, should i be worried about this? I don't have any other parts to test nor do i have any testing equipment (I'm useless, i know)... What to do? Thanks in advance
  11. I was thinking it could be psu but it doesn't really explain the snowy artifacts though does it? I should have been more clear in my post. The screen locks up and get's fuzzy and i have to hard reboot. And when i was trying to run WoW in wine i had to hard reboot a few times to get the settings right, so was wondering if this has maybe damaged anything? Though earlier i was running WoW in windows and got a few artifacts and my character wouldn't move his legs, quite funny but annoying but that could just be a driver issue... When i try and run windows and games in 75hz i also get that fuzzy screen but that's happened since i got this screen. So i was thinking it could have been the monitor but most likely gfx card. I forgot i even had my cpu overclocked lol, thanks for the tip nrg, i'll run a couple of games on stock and see how it goes... Can't really afford a new card right now, so hope it's not that Well i just bought a 7800GTX as i'm pretty sure it's the gfx card. Though i set the cpu back to stock and it hasn't gone fuzzy again but like i said, it's very random. I was playing for about 8 hours today before it locked. So if it turns out to be something else i'll just sell the X800 and keep the 7800 since it has better linux support Thanks for the help Edit again, It happened again just as i was browsing....So, looking forward to getting my first Nvidia card
  12. For the last couple of days i've been getting lockups in WoW, Windows and Ubuntu. It's quite random, i can play WoW for about 30 mins or hours before it'll happen and sometimes it just happens when i'm browsing. The screen just turns to colourful snow, i'll try and get a pic next time it happens. Anyway, i've tried the latest ati drivers and changing refresh rates etc. Since it's happening in Windows and Linux i'm assuming it has to be hardware. I have been trying to get WoW working in linux for the last day or 2 and had a few reboots but nothing too bad. Temps are fine since i have an arctic silencer on there. Ran atitool and max it reached was 57 degrees with no artifacts. That is what's bothering me. Why does it run fine in atitool? Think i'll look for a 7800 GTX in the meantime since i'm 90% sure it's dying but does anyone have any input?
  13. I'm interested in a 7800, maybe 2 if we netogiate a little
  14. I think i'll go for the 4200 if i can't find any 4400's on ebay...
  15. Nice score...I used to get 158 or so until they did an update a while back. Now it's about 126fps...Gonna need a new gfx card soon
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