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  1. That's a nice ride indeed! Actually I do like the exterior, the paint seems to be in good shape. I would only change the interior/tires. Too bad those nice little cars aren't able to survive up here <_<
  2. For ancient and cultural Japan you need to see Kyoto, it was the capital of Japan until 1868.
  3. Here you go! someone with great taste (and expensive... Chateauneuf du Pape...) I might add some sicilian red wines like Corvo or, even better, Nero d'avola Regaleali
  4. yes they are, you'll find them in any good groceries store. I'll add most of the beer made by Unibroue to the list.
  5. I'll start a master degree at the University of Montreal in September
  6. I can confirm that, I have a Dell 640m, Intel Core 2 Duo T5500, 2 gig of RAM, Vista home premium and before disabling some stuff loaded by Dell, the computer was using almost 800 mb of RAM just after start up. After turning off some processes it is now at 650-700 mb. 2 gig is a must. But isn't there a function in vista where the computer can use a flash card or a usb key as RAM?
  7. LOL I like you Christopher, it is nice to see some centrist opinion here. From my point of view it is a cultural issue. In Canada (or at least in Qu
  8. The season one was great, but the actual episodes aren't that good.
  9. I use Maxell DVD-R 16X, never had any problem
  10. I use Vista on my new laptop, I like it so far and I can't see any major problem. But I won't buy vista for my other computer because except some eye candy stuff I see no real advantage in Vista.
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