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  1. Damn. You guys really suck at arguing the position instead of the person. No wonder the political subforum got shot down. :/ Basically, what I just saw was this: "I think this, and I did this for this reason." "You're a coward! You're dumb (implied)!" etc. "wat?" "I WIN! LOL YOU'RE DUMB" FFS. <_<
  2. Well, as far as free goes, I suggest Comodo Firewall & AVG Free.
  3. You see, this is why I love OCC! We're all good ol' boys from the grand ol' party and we couldn't give a care about anyone else!
  4. Good god, I was joking ffs. I thought the mention of zombies, massacring crowds of innocents, the Hitler reference, and neo-fascism would give it away. :s
  5. Nope, they weren't in place before Obama was president. He specifically requested miniguns so his neo-fascist regime could mow down anyone anywhere. Honestly, and I don't mean to be joking or hyperbolic at all, but Obama is Hitler reincarnated.
  6. I suppose they have these miniguns mounted so they can mow down the endless hordes of the undead, as they hobble towards the presidential motorcade through D.C. Honestly, what are they going to do with these? Oh god, there's a guy with a pistol in the crowds of people watching the motorcade! Quick, kill everyone! This seems to go against the scalpel theory Obama so often mentioned. Gunfire rains onto the unsuspecting crowd-goers as the president, listening to Don't Worry, Be Happy, zooms away.
  7. I feel similarly, but I've had loads of fun mainly because I've only played the campaign in co-op with a friend of mine. We're at the end and still haven't hit the cap, and we enjoy looking around for loot. I still want to find a terminator assault cannon and he needs some more terminator melee weapons. The game is amazing, and I'm looking forward to expansion packs. It'd be cool if they'd not only add another race's campaign, but extended the Space Marine missions as well. Of course, they'll add a couple of new races which will make me shat myself.
  8. I once shot a man in CSS just to watch him die. Then I got banned because I did this thrice before to the other hostages.
  9. Maybe not, but it's change into a truck.
  10. ^is someone I actually remember from way back when.
  11. If people can't rationally navigate the president's politics by putting their emotions beside, then they're just as ignorant as those they call ignorant. My dad did it with Bush and it pissed me off.
  12. If that 360 went RROD on me within the year, would MS still repair it? And does it come with any controllers or power cables?
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