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  1. Oh big deal, people don't have to post in this thread or read it if they don't want to. I took one in 3rd grade and got 160, and I took one in 10th grade and got 147. I tend to trust the latter more.
  2. snipermav

    3d Mark 2006

    Meh, makes me want to upgrade.
  3. As an Electrical Engineer, you have a much broader selection of career choice. You could go into electronic design, or you could go into large-scale power distribution. You can go into control systems, like designing controllers for factory automation, or designing any kind of control for any product. You could go into communications, another form of electronic design mixed in with some electromagnetic concepts like transmission and antennae and wave theory. Signal processing is another good field (can also relate to CompE pretty well) where you manipulate and control analog, discrete-time, or digital signals. I'm going for my B.S.E.E (3 semesters left counting this one) and I'm thinking I'm going to go into either signal processing or control systems.
  4. I do homework at my desk, which has my computer at it. So as you can imagine, I get very easily distracted by the IRC channel, IM programs, music, internet, games, etc. All of you people that say you don't do homework suck. If I didn't do my homework, I'd be failing every single class. Of course I got away with it in high school, but a B.S.E.E. is an entirely different story.
  5. Monday: Power Systems 9-10, Linear Systems II 10-11, Electronic and Photonic Devices 11-12, Symphonic Winds 12-1, Power Systems Lab 1-3 Tuesday: Electronics II 9:30-10:45, Stat (Calculus based) 11-12:15, Jazz Band 6-8. Wednesday: Same as Monday until 1. Linear Systems II Lab 3-5. Thursday: Same as Tuesday in addition to grading Statics & Dynamics HW. Friday: Same as Monday until 12, no labs. So in short I'm pretty busy.
  6. Yeah when I was a kid I got disciplined with a belt to the backside if I did something really bad. Other than that just a typical spanking with a hand or a hit across the forehead, nothing overly powerful. I think doing those kinds of things gets your point across much better than just verbally telling them. Again, like it's been said many many times already, there's a difference between discipline and abuse...
  7. I like AWP and Scout for snipers. SMG gotta go with the TMP. Rifles in general, M4. Pistol...Deagle probably.
  8. ooo, maybe at my internship at GM this summer I'll get to work with a prototype of this car.
  9. Hah! Absolute Zero occurs at -273.15 C, which is the temperature in which all particles would cease to move. Therefore -293 C is unattainable.
  10. Yeah I've had an Eclipse for a couple of months now and it still feels great.
  11. Well I got my monitor yesterday. Thankfully no dead pixels. It takes a long time to calibrate the colors, so if you do get it, spend a lot of time tweaking. The one flaw that I see from it is that the backlight leaks out at the top and bottom of the panel. Other people had been having problems with this as well. I emailed samsung about it, not sure if it's something that can be fixed through an RMA or what not. Although I am nervous about RMAing since I'll have to worry about dead pixels again. Other than the backlight problem, it's fabulous.
  12. I just ordered a 940B, should get it tomorrow...
  13. I just ordered a samsung 940B and should get it tomorrow...hopefully it works out! I'm kinda nervous since it is my first LCD, nervous about dead pixels i guess.
  14. No they do not completely cover your ear. Also, that link is a bit misleading, since it states that the headphones are noise cancelling, when in fact just the microphone has that technology. I had a pair of those for about 6 months before the volume control module got stuck underneath my chair leg, which then got smashed to pieces.
  15. Welcome. Avoid hardnrg at all costs.
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