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  1. Then you obviously haven't done a very good job of hiding them.
  2. Yay! Oh wait, I don't use any of those features.
  3. In theory, after the 1511 update, you should be able to update or clean install without entering a key with digital entitlement. I skip entering the key during install and if you had an activated Win 7 and above it usually just activates.
  4. Yup you're badass all right, lol.
  5. The update process is improved since the Nov. 2015 update.
  6. Go for 2, it's nice to have a little buffer.
  7. I got mine by asking nicely.
  8. Got my Sandisk portable SSD today. :) Sweet! Thanks OCC!
  9. Windows 10 is the last version. MS is switching to a "service" model, from now on changes will be in the form of updates on the base OS which won't ever require a new license. In the short term make sure you don't have updates set to automatic because MS will surely try to slip 10 in on you as an "update". As far as drivers go, the theory is that Win 10 comes with all of the drivers you need. Of course in practice this isn't the case with much of the older hardware out there. But even the most non compliant hardware will run 10, there are usually only one or two driver issues (usually graphics) which almost always have a workaround if you Google for answers. Sometimes a Win 8 driver will work, and I've had drivers work that hadn't been updated since XP. The only thing I've run across that I couldn't solve is that my Canon printer isn't fully functional with 10 supplied drivers, and Canon doesn't make drivers in that model for Win 10.
  10. I'm glad you called yourself stubborn so I don't have to . Customizing Win10 to your liking is a one-time event, which would probably take ten minutes tops, if not much shorter. Also, the Win10 desktop is void of shortcuts by default and the toolbar shortcuts is four by default (if you count the task view icon), and Cortana can be permanently hidden in two clicks. There's stubborn and then there's just lazy There's still the start menu which is really the biggest complaint of the ones I listed. Didn't like it in Win8 and don't like it in Win10. If I can have a Win7 type start menu without installing any extra programs I'd be more open to Win10. A start menu even better than Win 7's is a couple clicks away. Classic Shell. It's the very first thing I do on a new Win 10 install. Way more customizeable than any Windows start menu. IObit makes a good one too.
  11. I've seen this on several machines. 10 wants to be the single source for drivers but they aren't. I had one older laptop freeze so bad I couldn't even open the task manager to start shutting things off. MS even makes a tool that lets you block certain updates of drivers that you know will bugger your system. A tool that you are supposed to know to use because they can't get their software to work right, how lame is that? PS I guess I'm not the oldest Phil on OCC anymore, LOL.
  12. I've installed it on many machines and am getting along with it OK. The good: I'm glad to see that the trend started in Vista towards resource hog GUIs and general operation seems to be over, 10 will run fine on modest software. With considerable tweaking and 3rd party apps it works OK for me on most machines, bugs notwithstanding. The bad: Microsoft doesn't give a shit about consumers, it's all about forcing users to do things their way and all roads lead to their store. 10 was put out half baked, and now is being stealth installed through Windows Update on machines that they have not properly designed the OS for. There are many driver conflicts on older hardware and don't expect MS to fix them. Their attitude is "here's a link to our store so you can buy a new computer". There is also a huge amount of embedded spyware with all sorts of apps and processes phoning home your stats to MS. Anyone using 10 should also use Spybot Anti Beacon to keep MS out of your business. I hate that 10 is so focused on mobile devices and just expects desktop users to try to adapt. Would it kill them to have installers for both types? But mostly I'm disturbed by the trend away from personal autonomy towards users being mere supplicants suckling at MS's teat. Fewer optional things, more mandatory things, this is going in a very bad direction. Just my 2 cents.
  13. Nice! That seller is getting a lot of views on that item.
  14. Woo Hoo! Winner! Thanks Dave! Thanks bp9801!
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