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  1. Completely agree, Onion, but I think it's more than just AMD finally putting up a fight - it's that the market is finally starting to push the CPU limits. For so long, it was always about your GPU for gamers and the mainstream, but now with "creation" exploding and so many people wanting to game and stream at the same time, there's finally a reason for many people to upgrade CPUs they haven't upgraded in 5+ years. One of the Intel reps thinks the 9900K will be comparable to the 2600K back in the day, where the latter was practically the go-to CPU for anyone building or upgrading a PC at the time. PS. Sorry for the delay in getting the article posted... when I got home on Tuesday, I had no power (along with 179 homes in the area). Needless to say, I was not happy.
  2. Bring out the broom - I won both leagues, suckers!
  3. Absolutely loved it. I'd say it's the second best Star Wars movie to date after Rogue One.
  4. Blizzard has announced that cross-platform play will be coming to its critically acclaimed, award-winning, mega-hit Overwatch by the end of the month, allowing PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One gamers to play together for the first time. In order to not disrupt the current competitive season, cross-platform play will only exist for Quick Play, Arcade, and Custom games when it launches, but will come to competitive mode when Season 5 kicks off. "Blizzard Entertainment has always been a PC games company first and foremost," explained Game Director Jeff Kaplan. "By implementing cross-platform play, our console players will see first-hand just how inferior they are to their PC counterparts. There will be no aim-assist for controller users; no handicaps." It's generally known that keyboard-and-mouse provides greater accuracy and response times compared to gamepads, which is why developers tend to shy away from cross-platform play in competitive shooters, but it sounds like Blizzard no longer cares about hurting the egos of console gamers. To go alongside the launch of cross-platform play, Competitive Season 5 will introduce a new rank below Bronze called 'Scrub', which Kaplan "fully expect will be the majority of console gamers." Overwatch will be celebrating its one-year anniversary next month. Source: Press Release Back to original news post
  5. No, there were micromachines games way back in the day, like late 90s. Definitely different than re-volt...back then at least it was always a top-down perspective. Either way, it's one of the best local-mp games for PC!
  6. This all sounds like a PR ploy since nobody gave a shit about these laptops to begin with...they're just keeping them in the news.
  7. Once again, the only thing Nintendo has going for it is its first-party titles. If that's not a good enough reason to spend the money, there are way better options out there (and I'm not even talking the PS4/XBO). It's running an NVIDIA Tegra chip, which means it's essentially an Android device. All NVIDIA has to do is create gamepad attachments for its SHIELD Tablet line and you have a product that beats the Switch in every way. That can already connect to a TV (including 4K), has AAA games built directly for it, access to all Android games (and apps, which means every video service), and can stream games from your PC (or NVIDIA's cloud service). I also think it's obvious Nintendo will release multiple attachment types to provide optimal controls for each game type, which is an idea stolen from the SMACH Z handheld PC - which like the SHIELD would beat the Switch in every way if you discount Nintendo's first-party titles. It too can connect to a TV.
  8. Very impressive card! For those already running a Titan X or 980 Ti, it doesn't seem worth the money, but for anyone actually in the market for a new GPU, I don't see any reason to get anything but this.
  9. This just in: Everyone who purchased an NVIDIA card within the past five years gets a GTX 1080 for free!
  10. ClayMeow

    Cyberpunk 2077

    'bout time there's some news on this.
  11. It's comments like these that make me believe you (and those that say these claims) never actually tried Win10, and are just going by what you assume based on 8 (or worse, hearsay)
  12. ClayMeow


    I installed it, but never got around to playing it. After reading your comments, I'm glad I didn't waste my time, especially with it locked at 1080p. Ah well; not like I would have bought it at launch anyway.
  13. I never actually took the time to run the benches myself (because I was lazy), but I assumed what you described would happen for the simple reason that tech has progressed. Even though the 980Ti has to work a little harder to handle both graphics and PhysX, it's so far ahead of the 560, that it can do both and still come out ahead. The only way I can see a dedicated PhysX card actually improving things when it comes to gaming would be if the card was the same as the card you're using for graphics, but then at that point, why wouldn't you just SLI?
  14. Except I'm pretty sure only yourself and us staff members actually see your warning points, so only you'll know how "badass" you are, not other members....while us staff members just think of you minus the "bad" part ;)
  15. To be fair, any decent code review *should* have caught this. Basic premise in design is to never trust the client. Very true. I never really thought to check what language Valve was using. I'm a JS programmer...if I knew they utilized js/ajax, maybe I could have collected that "bounty"
  16. Valve rewards hackers for finding vulnerabilities, as long as they don't act maliciously, so this kid could be seeing a pretty nice check for very little work... and maybe even a job in the future.
  17. Of course they did! They just wanted to set a precedent and make it legal for them to hack any phone whenever they want and not have a lawsuit on their hands. Because of what I said above^
  18. I'm glad you called yourself stubborn so I don't have to . Customizing Win10 to your liking is a one-time event, which would probably take ten minutes tops, if not much shorter. Also, the Win10 desktop is void of shortcuts by default and the toolbar shortcuts is four by default (if you count the task view icon), and Cortana can be permanently hidden in two clicks. There's stubborn and then there's just lazy
  19. Good review, but I don't get how it's worth a Gold Award nor how it's not knocked a peg or two for the price. Saying this is in the middle of the pack for pricing is rather misleading. The only gaming chair company that sells more expensive chairs than Vertagear is DX Racer. Other than those, this chair is a good 1.5-2x more expensive than other popular gaming chairs that most people would still deem expensive. I mean, in the end, it's just a glorified office chair - it doesn't offer any additional features, like speakers, footpads, etc.
  20. Hold on a sec....did you just call Firefox crap (and even Edge) when you're using IE11, which MS has completely abandoned?!?! Internet.... Explorer.... GTFO
  21. tl;dr OP I went from Win7 to Win10 in November. Only thing I don't like is the logging in (which I disabled, yet it still asks me to log in every time...go figure). But other than that, it's been great. There's really no reason not to upgrade to Win10 at this point, especially if you're a PC gamer.
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