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Dubstep anyone?

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I like almost every kind of music, but electronica always has had a special place since 15 years.

I like a lot of electronic genres, sub genres, variants and fusions, mostly with jazz (Thievery Corp, K&D, etc...)

But about dubstep, I must say that some times I like it, but most of time I really HATE IT!

Why? (Long story) ...

9 years ago, my brother lived around 2 years in London UK, he always loved and dj'ed DnB...

but from 3 years ago to nowadays, he only plays dubstep,

he has turntables + mixer + midi interface + tracktor stuff (controllers + final scratch)...

finally bougth a kick butt speakers to crank up his dj-ing sessions...

for example: sometimes he's in his room with door locked playing music while I'm in my room door locked watchin a movie, and the bass boomboom-ing doesn't let me hear tv...

OMFG turn down the volume right away!!!.

I had to talked with him a month ago because neighbors of the building where we live had some complains about his annoying music too late in the night.

Hey bro, If you like your music it's ok, but play it for you only, not for the entire neighborhood.-


Returning to subject... This is one of my favorites songs from all times



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D eaf


U ntalented


B uttheads


S top


T orturing


E veryone


P lease

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