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  1. I'm doing occasional WUs but can't do much at the moment
  2. I'm coming back online to keep warm and try to hold you off a few more days I'm only running a 2070 so my fate is inevitable!
  3. Hey guys! Disappointed to see I'm the top producer at the moment with only 1.2Mppd! I'm currently running an RTX 2070 + 2 CPU cores in my workstation and dealing with GUI lag whilst trying to work from home Also have two cores allocated on a server; giving everything I can. Let's see what more PPD we can add!
  4. You can try, but I can't imagine you'll have much luck. To me, it sounds a bit like asking for a discount on your new phone because you won't use the selfie camera. Windows 10 is part of the product you bought.
  5. Folding suffers more performance loss from decreased PCIe bandwidth than mining does. Here is a thread on the topic: https://foldingforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=28847
  6. As usual with Python, there's a library for that! Have a look here: https://docs.python.org/2/library/xml.etree.elementtree.html I'm sure there will be alternatives too. Good luck!
  7. I'm running Arch Linux. Not recommend unless you want to gain a deeper understanding of Linux. It makes a great, low-overhead OS though.
  8. What are you using to measure the output voltage? A cheap multimeter which doesn't average the voltage properly may give unpredictable readings. Remember that your output will be a square wave. You could add a filter to your output to get a smoothed DC signal which you can measure reliably.
  9. I've tried doing this, but I get an error saying that changing the clocks is not supported for theGpu's although I know it is, because it says so in the driver release. I've done this successfully on a 980Ti on 381.22 Not sure why fan speeds can't be set through nvidia-smi I leave my fans on auto for now.
  10. I don't have a proper solution, but you could try forcing the application clock with nvidia-smi.
  11. This is kind of irrelevant. These new cards won't be more attractive than ASICs. Video cards have always been attractive for mining coins which are "ASIC resistant", and these new cards won't change that. In my opinion, the release of these cards is just a marketing stunt, and the overall relative value of these cards will be less than a "normal" card.
  12. Our output has dropped significantly over the last days. Lukily I've just cobbled together an old 775 rig with a 1080Ti which should bring up our PPD by about 1 million
  13. We've just passed an inactive Awachs, and also PC Pitstop Mac forums also fell off our threats list
  14. ARandomOWL


    So FLDC has shot up today, hitting an all time high.
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