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  1. OS Support: Windows Loading: Mega: http://bit.ly/2EIWaau Download only these links, these are the only official links. Recommended drivers: Adrenalin 18.5.1, Adrenalin 18.5.2, Adrenalin 18.6.1 Do not use 18.3.4 and older drivers if you want to extract the V8 algorithm using AMD Vega! The hash will be very bad. Instead, use a minimum of 18.5.1 and newer drivers! What's New in Version 1.7.3 - Ellesmere 16Gb cards can now reach full hash rate on heavy algorithms - Rx550 and Rx560 should now be faster on heavy algo by ~ 8% and ~ 5% on V7 algos - Rewrote a lot of material so the kernel can now be compiled on newer video drivers, so there are no more binary cores - much faster kernel compilation time - Removed bralock, aes and kernel options - Added values ??of 9997 and 9999 for fragments, which can improve stability on some maps - heavy_mode 3 (experimental) is now even faster, but still can produce more computational errors than heavy_mode 1, so 1 is still the default Supported algorithms: - CryptoNight V8 (cnV2) [normalv8] - CryptoNight V7 (cnV1) [normalv7] - CryptoNight [normal] - CryptoNight Lite V7 [litev7] - CryptoNightLite [lite] - CryptoNight Heavy [heavy] - CryptoNight Haven [haven] - CryptoNight Fast [fast] - CryptoNight BitTubeV2 [bittubev2] - CryptoNight StelliteV4 [stellitev4] - CryptoNight ArtoCash [artocash] - CryptoNight Alloy [alloy] - CryptoNight B2N [b2n] - CryptoNight MarketCash [marketcash] - CryptoNight Italo [italo] - CryptoNight Red [mox] - Cryptonight Dark [dark] - Cryptonight Fest [festival] - Cryptonight FreeHaven [freehaven] Oficial topic Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5089109.0
  2. I think our biggest problem is simply that games aren't made for PC anymore. We don't have to build crazy rigs anymore to play the latest games at max settings. My rig is like 5 years old(?) and still plays every new game on ultra, and its not even a real crazy rig ether. I remember back when the first crysis came out etc everyone was in a rush to build a rig that could play it maxed out. Those were the days when custom building was huge. These days you can just go get a prebuilt from X company for like $600 and play any and all the latest games for several years. Bottom line is consoles are smoking the PC gaming / pc gaming market.
  3. I feel you, I'm mostly in the same boat, I haven't bought an upgrade for my rig in like 5 years. I really haven't needed to I guess is the main reason, but mostly because I can't afford that crap anymore lol. I find I get the most enjoyment out of sand box games these days, like Ark survival evolved and such. I'm still big into Halo always will be so I'm pretty excited for the halo 5 release this october, I plan to play that hard.
  4. yes you are correct but the moment he identified himself and his issue with you being there without permission it was trespassing i find you get more flies with honey than vinegar elderly just want to be heard and validated im surehe paid a lot money for that land and just wanted to be asked thats all It wasn't trespassing at all. If he said something along the lines of "leave my property now" or "get the **** out of here" and then he stayed on the property and refused to leave, then it becomes trespassing. In the video the guy never even says to leave. He just wanted to go on and on about what a "dirtbag" the OP is. And then gets defensive about not having signs up. If he cares so much about his property you'd think he'd read up on the laws there. OP was a lot more respectful than I would have been if some a**hole was talking to me like that. I'm all for respecting property rights. As a Jeeper I never go offroading illegally. But if you don't want people on your land then post the damn signs lol. Then you have the law on your side. Otherwise you're just an old a**hole. Like you said about honey and vinegar. Treat some other person like that and they might not be so respectful. Some kid might even be more inclined to f*** with him later on and retaliate or vandalize his place. Precisely, I tried really hard to be polite and nice. I even started the conversation with "hi how are you sir".
  5. I wasn't trespassing. His land isn't posted. And I'm hardly 'running through his back yard' his house was about a mile down the road, which was the closest house to me. It's a little different up here in NH people don't just have their piece of land next to everyone elses. There are large chunks of thousands of acres of land that isn't owned by anyone, thats why you have to post your land if you don't want people on it, its totally unreasonable in my state to expect people to know where someones land is and is not because there is so much open land. In my state if its not posted or signed with no trespassing it's not trespassing. If the owner tells me to leave and I stay its trespassing, or if he tells me I can't be on his land and I continue to be on his land.
  6. Lmao I know, it's normal in my state to ride trails if you find them, its not like most states where peoples land is private no matter what. Guy was just looking to be a prick. I tried to chat with him nicely but he wasn't having it.
  7. This dude... In my state, trails are everywhere, thousands of miles of them and unless they're posted or signed otherwise they're available for use, most of them are state maintained / owned. So if you don't want people on your land you have to post it. That's just how things work here. Anyway every once in a while you get an angry old coot that's got enough ego to try to give you some grief. If it isn't posted there isn't anything they can do about me being there, all he can do is tell me to leave, and if I don't or I come back then he can call the cops, otherwise the cops will just say "Is your land posted?" and he'll say "no" and they'll say "post it if you don't want people on it." Anyway enjoy, I tried to be nice and talk to the guy respectfully, but he's nothing but egotistical and douchey to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wva73DpKJxo
  8. I've got about 6 feet in my back yard. Getting really sick of it. I live on a mountain though, haven't been able to get oil for 2 weeks today is the first day I've got the road clear enough for the driver to come with my oil. They've only got one driver that will attempt to get to where I live, I tip him $100 every time he comes. You can see the 3 foot drift left of my truck in this picture, thats just wind from overnight. I had my truck backed up in that spot and the whole left half of the truck was walled in.
  9. Finally rebuilding my AR after selling most of it off to pay for my wedding. Here is what I kept of it. Reason why I kept it is the barrel, custom made kreiger blank turned by compass lake engineering. 5R melonited (QPQ) medium strait profile custom 'modified' wylde chambering. Here it is now, after a sweet black friday snag. Complete lower reciever for $119. I was planning on building a new one again but when I saw a pre built complete lower for $119 I had to grab it. Now I just need to toss the stock and grip in the trash can replace them and get an optic. Few other small things added and it'll be back up and shooting again. Here's a couple pictures of what it used to look like. This is when I had it setup more as a home defense gun. This was the final iteration of the gun and also my favorite.
  10. Yay good luck everyone! I hope some folks who don't win stuff often get some new keyboards!
  11. I see, that's kind of what I figured based on the quick research I did, its crazy how this old as dirt card still hangs with current $250 cards. My only real end goal is just to be able to play current games (arma 3 / battlefield 4) maxed out with 50+fps. I guess I'll probably just wait for the new stuff to come out, I don't even know what the new stuff is lmao, I've been out of the scene for too long. I'm not in any rush, and just bought an xbox one so I really don't have the funds currently anyway. I'll look into selling this 6970 while I wait for the latest stuff from amd and nvidia. I'm at 1920x1080 res, no plans for higher res. Pretty much all the eye candy, I've got arma 3 on 8x AA right now. (max) and thats where I'd like to play it at.
  12. So the rig in the description is my current build. It's been playing every game maxed out fine up until a few days ago when I bought arma 3, maxed out I'm only get around 30fps and it drops from there in heavy action in cities etc. Anyway my bottom line question is, whats my bottle neck? I'm thinking graphics, and if so where do I upgrade to from here? I'm not looking to spend more than maybe 200-230 ish on a new graphics card, I've been out of the loop a while and I think its about time to upgrade something here.
  13. Love archery, though I injured my shoulder when I was young (think I actually broke some stuff in my rotator cuff) never went to the doctor and it obviously didn't heal right so now I have problems and it's been preventing me from shooting lately. It's quite depressing, I really need to see a doctor but I know it will take reconstructive surgery and doubt insurance is going to cover squat, so likely I unfortunately will always have a bad shoulder, and probably won't be able to shoot bows much longer. But archery is my #1 passion in life until then. Doing some bow fishing on vacation last month. Got some trout and salmon, only got pictures of this one little small mouth lol, I thought it was a chub or I would never have shot it. Mile 4 of what ended up being a 7 mile stalk in negative degree temperatures on a Coyote. Was worth the kill in the end, this particular Yote had killed 4 calfs on one farm alone. This one is kind of funny, came home on a lunch break from work, dozen jakes standing in my brothers front yard. Jumped out of the truck and shot one out of the air as they were flying away. (this was with my old bow, my 1971 kodiak magnum) This is a picture of my current bow, I had it custom made by a bowyer from PA.
  14. I ended up with a belkin N600, paid $58 for it. We'll see how it work, so far so good, my speeds are finally what I've been paying for.
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