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Dubstep anyone?

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I notice a bunch of Eptic, here's my latest mix with some Eptic and a bunch of other recent goodies :thumbsup:





1. Adrenaline - Zeds Dead

2. Oh Snap - Eptic

3. Raw 2 Da Floor (Calvertron Remix) - Calvertron & Qalvr

4. Drop The Bomb - Ajapai

5. Punisher - Datsik

6. Annihilate- Datsik

7. Factory (Ajapai Remix) - Downlink

8. Piano Tune VIP - Dubba Jonny

9. Make My Whole World - Trolley Snatcha

10. Get Ruff (AFK Remix) - AFK & Hizzleguy

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Is there a reason all dubstep doesn't sound like this?? I think I'd have an unbreakable love for the genre:


:lol: Even I got bitten by the Skrillex bug recently. First of the year and Bangarang keep coming up in my rotations.

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Piano tune is by Bar 9 :)


Not heard that Factory remix before, it's pretty awesome.


OMG I just realized that LOL. Thanks for pointing that out, I had no idea why Dubba Jonny came up in my head when I was making the tracklist :P


And yes, it's my favorite remix of Factory, other than the VIP (:

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