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  1. I'll be buying the collectors edition for this insane game as soon as they release it in the Americas. They started taking pre orders earlier today after their GOG.com stream session but it's limited only to certain european countries as of yet. There's more than 2800 copies already ordered. The first 2 games are master pieces. CD Projekt Red can have my money. They shall lead the gaming industry forward. Valve = take a seat son.
  2. Help yourselves to some games. Dead Space Steam Key: BHG2G-DWBNQ-N5H5Q Origin Key: 4Z6N-Q9EF-H94Z-8EZ2-4CZU Medal of Honor Steam Key: NL0XM-RXXQQ-N47CD Origin Key: 7RPX-ZN2G-E73W-U9CN-K5NM Mirror's Edge Steam Key: GH46H-8XLRD-9H87P Origin Key: HRHH-ZB2V-GCUT-7TBW-ES5Z Dead Space 3 Origin Key: 9FUU-TAQD-UMQX-U4DJ-NNR7
  3. flashed my bios with an overvoltage and a higher power target. Now my overclock is 1306/1688 on a windforce gtx 680. Temperature still doesn't break 60C with a linear fan curve which i might just substitute for the stock one as it seems good enough. It's been stable all day for benchmarks and some games. Tomorrow I'll flash again with the new overclock. EDIT: Forgot to say that even with the 1.2V and 150% power target my card now barely goes above 100%. Max I've seen is 103%.
  4. sack_patrol

    Starcraft II

    I've set up a stream for mainly sc2 but other games as eventually. twitch.tv/sackpatrol if anyone wants to watch some noob 1v1s. I'll try to make it a daily thing if i pick up some viewers. I still play pretty much every day, I just don't bother streaming it.
  5. pc version is always better. :> did you pick up the audio logs scattered around? they provide some insight to what is going on around you even though some of them are a bit cryptic. I'm almost done with the game but I think the story was well delivered (can't say about the actual quality of it yet) as it's not intrusive and you can either explore the world and find out more about what's happening or just ignore it and focus on gameplay. Reminds me of half-life.
  6. Well I'm not really worried, just trying to understand what is going on and of course, if it's possible to give the card more power for even higher clocks or better stability at current ones considering I never go over the low 60s in terms of temperature. So I think that the card is clearly under-performing. That's not to say that I have some sort of expectation for what it should be able to do since overclocking is luck based, but I do think that it's more than what I'm getting now based on my observations.
  7. Isn't that CPU benchmark? Here's a post showing that it's possible to run the card at higher than 100% tdp: http://www.overclock.net/t/1363440/nvidia-geforce-gtx-titan-owners-club/2730#post_19459899
  8. When I run stress tests that push it to the limit. Just as I have done with my graphics card. Am I missing something? Many people are reporting throttling issues with their titan cards which are downclocking or just oscillating for no reason at all. This isn't the issue for me as 680 doesn't use the same gpu boost features but I'm still not understanding why the overclocking software are including a power target slider that based on your statements seems to be useless as regular benchmarks and games will not cause the card to draw 100% tdp, but it takes some sort of secret technique that nobody knows about to actually reach said power target.
  9. Well, I wouldn't mind seeing that. I think that it should be standard for the cards to at least reach 100% when under full load from a benchmark especially if there's an overclock involved. Not to mention the overclocking software supports increasing that power limit to over 100%. I can't imagine it being a non functional slider that serves no purpose at all.
  10. But, it never does. Under no circumstance does it ever go over the limit. Not even close.
  11. So what's the point of being able to increase the power target to beyond 100%? If cards can't get to 100% it would seem like a completely useless slider in afterburner and precision.
  12. Need to set flashing aside for a moment. The 680/titan cards seem to have issues with the TDP as I suspected yesterday. They can't reach 100% or higher TDP which is causing stability issues and obviously not being able to achieve nicer overclocks. For those who are hearing this for the first time, here's a quote from an OCN member describing the case nicely in a few words: Anyone have some interesting thoughts on the matter?
  13. Right, so I've spent the day overclocking my gtx 680 in Precision X and I've found the maximum offsets. Now I'm ready to permanentize it with a bios flash. Except bios flashing for the kepler chip seems iffy at this point as there are only two applications that can modify it and they are both in early stages of development. One is the kgb bios editor and the other one is the KeplerBiosTweaker. The actual flashing process isn't an issue. I'm mainly looking for a reliable way to modify my bios with the overclocked offsets, without anything else being affected. For example, I don't know how modifying the core/mem clocks will reflect on the dynamic overclock that these cards have as well as the boost clock. Considering that in Precision X everything scales well I'd rather not modify anything except the base clocks since my max core/mem clocks are based on those standard boosts. Another question I have is weather it's okay for my card's power percent to not be reaching 100% or even the 111% that's achievable in Precision X. I only got to like 90% in my final stress tests and I'm wondering if that is causing the boost clocks to throttle. Or is it that if it hasn't reached 100% it means that there's just no need for it and I'm actually getting my max overclock anyway. FYI final overclock I got was 1280/1710 @ ~58C on a Gigabyte Windforce 2GB. I feel like if the card drew more power I could get higher speeds.
  14. I'm making a let's play series of this game on 1999 mode in HD. If anyone is interested this is my channel: www.youtube.com/sackpatrolHD
  15. Hey, Actually I found that exact same pdf file (should have said so) but I wasn't able to find codes in the 20 range so I posted here. Also, like you said that could be CPU temperature. It crossed my mind but I didn't think that it would actually be the default state after boot up is successful. thx.
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