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  1. I did get a vega 56 pulse for $70
  2. I thought so to but oc is set in bios
  3. I reinstalled adrenaline but did not enable gpu overclocking and now my 3700x stays at 4.474ghz but if I enable it it drops it to 4.149ghz, this is weird
  4. I just sold my 2070s for $50 and picked up a vega 56 for $70 in anticipation of big Navi. well the 2070s was paired with a 3700x that I have dialed to 4.475ghz @ 1.38v with no issues well now with the vega 56 as soon as Adrenaline start my OC goes from 4.475ghz to 4.149ghz and i can't figure it out, can you offer any insight
  5. Given the choice between a founder's edition 2070 at $499 plus tax or a zotac amp extreme edition at $519 no tax which one would you pick
  6. I have decided to go with a 2070 super founders at best buy for $499.99
  7. Okay so at $500 is the 2070 super worth it over the 5700xt
  8. Thank you !!!! I forgot all about the neutered cards
  9. So I sold my 980ti that I paid $120 for $200 and I now have $465 and newegg has a 2080 for $529 https://www.newegg.com/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-2080-gv-n2080wf3-8gc/p/N82E16814932163
  10. So I have $400 to spend on a gpu I have a Ryzen 3600 and an Asus ROG PG278Q 1440p GSYNC monitor and here are some examples of my choices Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 8GB Windforce OC $365 https://www.newegg.com/p/1FT-000A-000R8?Description=rtx 2070&cm_re=rtx_2070-_-1FT-000A-000R8-_-Product PowerColor Radeon RX 5700 XT $399 https://www.newegg.com/powercolor-radeon-rx-5700-xt-axrx-5700xt-8gbd6-3dh/p/N82E16814131753?Description=rx 5700xt&cm_re=rx_5700xt-_-14-131-753-_-Product or Zotac GTX 1080 ti $396 https://store.zotac.com/zotac-geforcer-gtx-1080-ti-refurbished-zt-p10810l-10p-r
  11. thank you but i am just going to RMA because it wont even boot with 2 sticks of 8gb in , i think i have a bad ram slot
  12. These are the kits i have tried https://www.newegg.com/patriot-8gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820220976 works in dual channel only if i put one stick in DIMMA2 first i have 2 kits of these but they only work in single Chanel https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-16gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820232417 i have one kit of these , same only in single chanel https://www.newegg.com/corsair-16gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820236551 All of these are supported in compatibility list oh and i forgot to mention it is a refurbed motherboard
  13. I was thinking the same thing seeing that it will not work in single channel in slot 2
  14. When I populate slots 2 and 4 it will not post with the 16GB of ddr4 3600 or my 8GB ddr4 3000. But if I populate only slot for with a 4 gig stick of Ddr 3000 it will post and once it recognizes the XMP profile for that stick I can shut it off and put in the 2nd stick of 4GB and it will run into a channel. But nothing I do I cannot get the 16GB kit to work
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