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  1. Your Gpu is most defiantly your bottleneck
  2. I can agree with that! I am very excited about the next round of GPU's If leaks are true both Amd and Nvidia are bringing the heat, lets hope prices come back to reality
  3. Gtx 1080 is a lil over 4 years old and is far from worthless!
  4. Maybe! But I have purchased a lot of gpu's through them.....like 7 pages
  5. So I had 2 RMA's from Evga within a month! First one I bought a 2nd hand 1060 6gb and it died on me do to an accident and even though I was not the original owner it was still under warranty and Evga sent me a GTX 1660 Second I had purchased a GTX 1080 FTW hybrid 2nd hand toward the end of the crypto craze for $350 and the pump died on me with only two months left on the warranty and know they are sending me a RTX 2070 super xc hybrid!!!!! This is why I love EVGA they are so awesome
  6. With my 2070 super RTX on or off I honestly could never see a difference besides the massive frame hit . It was like having a a slower 1080 ti with a feature that really didn't matter to me. So I sold it and I am using a vega 56 pulse I picked for $150
  7. After clean reinstall the issue has disappeared but now I am using afterburner to OC my vega 56
  8. So I have a vega 56 pulse I picked up used for $150 after selling my 2070 super , I wasn't impressed with it I can afford to upgrade to a 2080ti but should I? New tech is right around the corner 3700x @ 4.475ghz I game at 1440p lg 32gk650f-b
  9. I thought so to but oc is set in bios
  10. I reinstalled adrenaline but did not enable gpu overclocking and now my 3700x stays at 4.474ghz but if I enable it it drops it to 4.149ghz, this is weird
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