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  1. so I gave my son my 8600k Z390 platform and switch to a Ryzen 3600 paired with a MSI x470 Gaming plus I know I should've went with a X570 but at $159 it made more sense to go with the MSI X470 Gaming plus for $79 So my issue is I was using a kit of G.SKILL Aegis 16GB (2 x 8GB) Model F4-3000C16D-16GISB which says its compatible but when I populate slots 2 & 4 the rgb turn blue and no post, work fine with one stick ??? now I swapped ram to a 2x4 kit of Patriot DDR4 3000 viper and it works just fine. Any advice ???
  2. jdm_freek

    8600k or Ryzen 3600 ??

    Awesome ty. I picked up a Msi X470 gaming plus for $69 and a 3600 for $193 I already have a 16gb 8x2 3600 cas 18 kit paired with a 2070 a should be solid
  3. Gpu will be RTX 2070 resolution 1440p purpose mostly gaming Please lend me your opinion
  4. jdm_freek

    Goodwill monitor find

    I live in Az its hit or miss but im with you on the who would turn it in
  5. So does anyone scope out thrift stores for pc tech I recently scored BIG TIME............... I found a ROG Swift PG278Q Gaming Monitor - 27" 2K WQHD (2560 x 1440), 1ms, up to 144Hz, G-SYNC™ in perfect working order no scratches or dead pixels for $5.00 minus the power cord and I am still in shock
  6. jdm_freek

    AM4 Advice

    Thank you for the link $163 not as bad as i expected but x570 has nothing i need pci-e 4.0 is mainly for storage and as far a the vrm's the 3600 should pull less power than a 2700x. so i am looking at the b450's ox x470 and maybe even x370 if the price is right
  7. jdm_freek

    AM4 Advice

    x570 is not in my price range I am looking a b450 or x470
  8. jdm_freek

    AM4 Advice

    With a gtx 1080 pci-e 4.0 is pointless and almost as bad of a gimmick as RT
  9. So my oldest son is due for an upgrade, currently he is running a 6600k on a budget asus z170 with a Evga Gtx 1080 FTW HYbid @ 1080p @ 144hz with Ryzen 2 right around the corner I really want to get him the Ryzen 3600 at $199 it is looking pretty good even better than my 8600k but I been with Intel for so long a am ignorant to AMD's motherboards I want to keep the motherboard price around $100 any help would be greatly appreciated sincerely yours a blue man blushing red LOL
  10. jdm_freek

    Rate my build!

    Thank you I agree, I was going to go with a Ryzen 2600 but even over clocked it gets outpaced by the 9400f
  11. jdm_freek

    Rate my build!

    So I was asked to build a system for a birthday present for a 10 year , the requirements were 1080p gaming plus able to run flight sims and 3 monitors for $700 this is what I came up with cpu & motherboard Intel i5 9400f & MSI PERFORMANCE GAMING B360M $199 case Sama S35-BK Black Dual USB 3.0 ATX $34 memory Geil evo ddr4 2400 2x4 $37 Psu Cougar VTx600w $48 SSD Teamgroup GX1 240gb $24 Storage WD 2tb free GPU Sapphire Rx 580 8gb Nito plus $100 monitors HP E231 1080p x3 $180 Total $622 tell me what you think !
  12. jdm_freek

    vega 56 strix 64bios flash

    my strix has Samsung
  13. jdm_freek

    vega 56 strix 64bios flash

    but all i see is reference models
  14. Does anyone know if it possible to flash an Asus vega56 strix with a 64 bios or how to raise power limit ?