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Happy Labor Day OCC


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My sheila and i are going out to my ranch in arizona this morning to spend a week camping and adventuring and enjoying life together. were even going to the grand canyon on the train from Williams since we've never done that before. i'm excited and ready to go and get out of this miserable socal rat race. see you all next saturday.... :D

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Long weekend for me.


Went to my fathers Friday morning, did some more work on his new entrance way.

Stayed over there Friday night, did some more work on it Saturday morning.

Left to go up to my camp Saturday afternoon, stayed up there Saturday night.

Went for an hour long walk down to the swamp with my nephew, came back up to the camp, did some shooting (22, 9mm, some .410 and shot a bit of 30-30)


My nephew has one of these; S411225BS; and let me tell you... Shooting a .410 slug in that youth sized rifle (butt of the stock is skinnier, therefore it concentrates the recoil into a smaller area) is crazy, it kicks like a mofo.


My brother in law smoked some ribs all day, we had burgers hot dogs as well.


Played some cards, drank a lot of beer (Coors Light COLD ACTIVATED CAN!), had fun etc.


Monday morning I woke up, had some instant coffee (I hate that .!) got a sweat shirt on and went for a walk/hunt with both my brother in laws and my nephew.

My nephew had his Rossi, I brought the Ruger Mark III, my brother in law Trevor brought his old singleshot 22 rifle and my brother in law Mike brought his 30-30.


We didn't see anything but it was nice to trapse through the woods for a few hours.


We got back, I cut up a tree that had fallen awhile back, we made burgers for lunch and then we left.


Now I'm home, posting this...


Hooray for a borderline blog post!


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