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  1. Selling due to upgrade. Neither have been overclocked. Payments accepted are Paypal or USPS Money Order. CPU - $150 shipped RAM - $100 shipped I've also got an i7 920 and a Q6600 in a parts bin if anyone is interested in those.
  2. I'm not sure. It was on there when I bought it and it has no markings.
  3. I've wanted one of these for awhile but I just can't bring myself to spend the coin. A lot of money when I've already got real trucks I can take offroad lol.
  4. Not the best pic but I just picked this up. 1996 4runner. 5 speed with the elocker.
  5. Here's a small sample of what I have. I guess you could say I like guns.
  6. Price lowered for buying both cards.
  7. $150 each or $250 for both shipped. Never been overclocked or used for mining.
  8. Even more room with the back seat folded down.
  9. Just bought this a few days ago. 1985 C20 Suburban 454/th400 Previous owner claims 118K miles. I usually roll my eyes when people claim low miles on these trucks that only go up to 99,999 miles then roll over but I believe it with this one. It is one of the cleanest original trucks I've seen in awhile.
  10. Coors

    OS Question

    Also just an FYI I was still able to upgrade to Win10 for free with my OEM Win 7 CD key just last week. It's as if the supposedly expired free upgrade is still active.
  11. XDA hasn't rerooted for ya?? My dad's S4 (vzw) had its root disabled for a bit but XDA found a new method for him. This is why i never update anymore until I see others having success.....even though my phone has 12 threads ever made (since 2012) and on phandroid.com, XDA never added it as a device there (Stratosphere II). I HATE how the manufacturers don't give a shit about making cutting edge keyboard phones, like where's my forum, where's my 4.5" screen, where's my 2GB RAM, where's my roms? [/rant] Awww poor spammer is retarded and thinks it's on Orange County Choppers forum. How cute.
  12. I didn't realize there was one coming out. The last one I played was on the NES lol.
  13. Also I haven't posted them yet since it was late and I needed to sleep but I have some Toshiba 128GB ssd's as well. Model is THNSNC128GBSJ for the same price. I'll add them today after work.
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