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  1. I use mine to record tv shows like PBS for later and to watch/record DvD's and Blu-rays.
  2. I would use the XFX PSU to power my main system. The one I have listed in my signature.
  3. Onkyo has been around since 1946. I have a HT-RC360 and a TX-NR809. I am happy with both of them. http://www.intl.onkyo.com/company_information/history/index.html
  4. Yea I guess I just prefer Nivida but XFX doesn't make them anymore.
  5. I had to Rma my 8800gt (g92) to them and they are sending me a HD5750. Do you all think that is a fair replacement? 8/31/2011 7:36:23 AM] So you sent a replacement ? [MARK_C 9/1/2011 6:52:47 PM] Hello David, It was replaced with an HD 5750. Thank you. Mark
  6. http://www.maximumpc.com/article/features/how_build_kick-ass_gaming_rig_under_700 worth a look
  7. Well it had to happen sooner or later. I get 8 dvds a month so the mailing cost is a least $3 for them plus I am getting streaming too a paying about $8.99+tax. I will go the streaming and see if they offer enough new movies to hold my interest, if not, well, bye bye Netflix
  8. Check the spec on your motherboard some of the older ones will not support a larger drive
  9. Other as in None, well Amazon when they are free.
  10. yea if they were smart they would setup a customer pickup in lieu of delivery. That's way you would just go to the pickup center when it is in. No truck no gas no driver ..smart!
  11. Chevy broke down and they brought me a Caddie! Lucky you
  12. People at work ask me what is wrong with their computer, I always say "it's a Dell"
  13. Good review, but I will not spend more than $200+ on a card again. This is just an idea but on the test graphs to make them easier to read could we assign a number to each card? Reason is the "greens" are so close to each other.
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