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  1. That looks to be a step up from the Hyper T2 I have now. Thanks man.
  2. OKay, so I was playing Just cause 3 just now and my FPS completely tanked. Had to do a hard reset. POST said CPU over temperature error. BIOS said 76C. AFIK all the usual OC stuff is set to stock. My current cooler is a POS according to me because (worst fan mounting system ever) thins kind of thing continues to happen even after replacing the stock cooler. So my thing is I want to be able to sort / shop by TPW (or whatever the acronym for thermal energy dissipation is). Newegg does not seem to allow that. DESKTOP-A4HJI15.txt
  3. The trouble for me is [email protected] seems to kill something within the card that renders it useless for [email protected] Off the top of my head one of the presistantand consistant error codes (regardless of the suggested fixes (why is it always a driver reinstall?) I have found) has been bad_work_unit. I have been wrestling with that error for ages and am therefore sick of it. Thus I choose to let it run under CPU only. Like way back 15+ years ago.
  4. My heat thing is a side issue. Merge if you want.
  5. So according to the WAN show [email protected] is being used to study the virus. Linus mentions it about 1 minute in when talking about building an ultimate folding rig with titan v gpus. Side note. I suspect [email protected] has killed several of my gpus. The most recent victim is the HD7800. Sense I cant afford to keep buying graphics cards I've been running CPU only on one rig. Perhaps [email protected] makes the cards run too hot? https://youtu.be/L15Ox1WN1yQ
  6. I can't bring myself to get exited considering how long it has been sense ep2 was released. and I have heard that this is a prequal. I'd be more interested if this where finishing the story.
  7. Yeah my title is weird. I am unsure what to call this thread. Basically there is a peace of music from a cut scene just cause 2 (see linked video) and I want to find the original sound file. Basicaly do what sound hound does. The fmod sound bank that i recon the file is located in contains a boat load files. I need to speed up the process if possible. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oMYZ7QG0roXebKlchVVGtLoqxL5hHcGp/view?usp=sharing Thanks gang
  8. I've been pretty much out of the performance and overclocking game years. way back in the day I used ASUS Probe (not compatible with win 10 x64) or speed fan, does that even exist anymore? So what monitoring softwares are popular these days?
  9. So I did something about it. Sadly removing the motherboard to install the bolts presented it's own pita. So on the first go around it's a zero sum. I hope that in the future unscrewing the bolts for removing the HSF, which is required to get to the 8 pix ATX 12 volt and or CPU fan connector. What dip decided to put that on the top edge of the mobo anyway?! Will be more convenient in the future. The reason for this undertaking was a psu swap. And the reason for that was artifacts in just cause 4. I sware I can't bloddy win
  10. Okay. I just beat it. "Lest take down the agency" has to be continued written all over it.
  11. I think I found the third cooling unit. If the player fast travels to the location the weather seems more intermittent.
  12. Yeah I can't see to find that damn third cooling unit. I gotta admit the train ride was cool. It's a battleship cannon after all Is there a benchmark script I can run cor comparative purposes?
  13. Man I WISH I could get those FPS on my 1070. I'm gonna guess its down to the CPU then? I get dips into the upper 40s sometimes and it rarly breaks 100. Unrelated: I'm stuck at part 2 of Operation Sandstinger and an tempted to just give up.
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