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I was having a chat with repr and....


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I am posting just to help increase my post count as I know so little compared to most in here. :P


My experience goes back to circuits made from discrete components around 1965, mainframe user starting around 1974, and PCs around 1977. I don't think I built my first computer until the early 80's (an Apple ][ kit). After about '87 I was more into creating custom databases for a living than anything else and even that skill is woefully out of date now.


For the last several years I have purchased custom made systems from brand name vendors (most recently, 3 from HP) as I find the build cost doesn't give enough margin to make a living at any more. I never got into building hardware just for the sake of saying I had the fastest machine because that will only be true for a very limited time.


It would be nice if there were an easier way to quantify the existing information contained in the forum. I think perhaps a table of contents and an index would help immensely.


As I said, I don't know any useful new information but would be happy to help test anything developed from the idiots point of view. I have found I can test a software package to destruction faster than many. :rolleyes:

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I am working on my first power supply review at the moment and it will be with Praz within the next week or so. I have to say though that dr_bowtie does give the impression that they are not really wanted.


I agree partly with what he says that there are hundreds ney thousands of reviews out there but if you take away the ones written by manufacturers, the ones written by people with links to the manufacturers (donated hardware) and the bads ones you are left with very few. I feel there is an audience out there for well written reviews that are totally independent. That means if a manufacturer wants to donate equipment for review then it as to be made quite clear that the the review will be honest and totally unbiased.








How do I give the impression they really arent wanted....?


I just stated that there are reviews of products all over the web...you can find them anywhere...


anything we do should be more than what those are....any review we have or do should be an "Honest" review meaning not endorsed by a company who gives product....


User Reviews fall under the "Honest" review.... we would like the feedback from people who actually own and use these products everyday...I dont care about reviews who are writen by people who are paid by companies directly or indirectly who fund the products being reviewed...


We DO encourage people to write/tell us about DIY style projects....


Heck even your project on building a PSU load tester is EXACTLY the kind of stuff we are looking for...the actual use it was intended for is 2nd place to me...but very much welcome...


I never said reviews of any kind are not welcome here...but we just dont want to preach the same reviews other sites do...we want to be different..to stand out in the crowd if you know what I mean...


I am very much interested in your reviews on PSUs especially since you built the tester and as I said that in itself (the build) is the stuff we are really looking for hence the term DIY a.ka. Do It Yourself...


sorry if I misguided you in any way or deterred you from reviewing purposes...:)

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pault: I think you misunderstood whatever dr_bowtie was saying to you. I have never once seen him say anything of the sort.


what he has said, and is saying, is exactly what I've preached to the staff and others since we moved away from DFI, so the stuff they say is pretty much what I say word for word:


there are a billion review sites on the net


we don't want to be like the billion


we want to be like the extremely few that actually buy the hardware/software and review it and give others a chance to review it as well so there will never be a conflict of interest (or more to the point, threats from the company(s) that send us the hardware/software to review...).


we want to continue making tutorials and guides


we want to continue being your favorite forum





problem is, I no longer have time, and honestly, no longer have the interest as I've tried to get this working for more than a year since we split from DFI and the honest truth is that no one else has thrown in much help beyond encouraging me to get it working. I'm not going to do it by myself, especially not with college looming full-time for the next 4 years, and especially not when I have to basically beg for donations from you every 3 months to keep the site alive since instead of giving donations, the general public (YOU, the readers/members) could do all these things we are talking about in this thread to drive traffic here enough to help pay the bill that has to be paid every 3 months for the webserver this site resides on (as well as angrygames.com, the site that hosts 90% of the pics I put up).


It's getting to be that time...we have to come up with $397 by the end of May I think (I'll check when I wake up, takes forever to login to the web panel at the host sometimes), and as I stated last time, I'm not putting one more friggin' dime into this place. Can't afford it. Don't really care anymore either since no one else seems to care. Rather put my money towards school (ie a new laptop). That's just my feeling, and momma's feeling. You (the readers) might feel different. If so, bally-hoo, do something about it. If not, well, then like me, you'll be thankful when the place is closed down from lack of funding.


It sounds harsh I'm sure, but put yourself in my position. Blood, sweat, tears, 4+ years of your life, getting fired for doing the right thing for you, the customer, blah blah blah...tired of it...especially with college now (which is much more important as I'm going to be a high school teacher and possibly eventually a college professor, NOT a computer dork anymore...I'm bored of it because I'm so burned out on it after doing it day in and day out for the last 10+ years).


I need to focus on school so I can get my degree and be on my way to doing what I REALLY want to do. That means cutting out the distraction of this money pit and the hordes of members who love the place but don't do much to make it better (and complain when it is stale and stagnant).


It's up to you. Donate or create traffic or do nothing. I'm not really in the caring mood anymore.

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... It's getting to be that time...we have to come up with $397 by the end of May ...


That price seems a bit excessive given that I pay less than $7 a month for hosting. Perhaps you might consider a change of host?


I use iPower and have since 2002 when I set up my teaching site. Why not go take a look and see if they have what you need? It doesn't cost anything to look and it might just ease the pressure on your wallet.


The only reason I can think of that you are paying so much is that you have set up a dedicated server. Why do that if you don't have to? I use the Pro Plan and pay every two years to get the cheapest rate. I still haven't used a fraction of the space available but then again, I only use the site for teaching.

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Well when the site was at it's peak there was a lot more users on here and the host only crapped out on us a few times, so it's a good host... but I do agree that with so few users the site could go on a cheaper host or use a cheaper deal that doesn't have so much overhead.

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Just my two cents, if anyone cares.

When I first started coming here I was very green and wanted to learn all about overclocking.

Without a doubt this was the place to learn, and learn is what I did.

In the process I have met alot of very intelligent and good folks.


I come back here now basically to give back to other's what I was given, a chance to master overclocking and the hardware that is needed to do it.

I enjoy seeing other's problems solved. I enjoy reading about the various personalities we have here.



If you don't have the heart anymore Travis, it's understandable. I think your website has impacted ALOT of folks, before and certainly after the split up with DFI. You did the best you could and I appreciate all you have done.


I am just not sure I understand what the problem is besides the obvious money issue.


Though this site isn't all about overclocking, it is what I view it as to me.

I am not that interested in user's reviews or products but if that is what folks want then I would gladly help if I can.


I always remember what was said to me from a previous employer, don't talk about it, DO it...


I always will have good memories here, whether they continue or not remains to be seen.

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Well here is my proposal so far then:

Anyone who has some decent hardware, thats myself not incl, since i still have to built it:)

Prob gonne do this weekend.. anyway those that have the hardware state your name, state what you think a review sould be for you besides the things i will state here and start writing.

If i get 4 reviews i tell you ill prob be able to make or have doc make the review section.

Come on peeps..its time we did something back! :D


things i think should be in the review are:

1 what did you expect from the hardware?

2 what did you need to do to get there?

3 are there special things you needed to figure out ?

4 overall what did you think of the hardware?

5 overall what do you think of the effort you needed to put yourself true to get there?

6 you may ofc post some benchmarks, or link to the database, but im more intressted in the user frinedly thingy of the perticular hardware.

7 whatever it is, if something irks you during the install or whatever let us know, again benches i can find on the net, things that dont work like you want is not:)


Can you do that? your the man i need, talk to me!


Something else, for now we have a place to post the revieuws its in the revieuw section.

This means the review writers should donate a dollar (or more, whatever you can affort like>100$ hehe just kidding)

to get acces to the review section, note that the money goes to the site and keeps us going :D

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Guest SuppA-SnipA

im up for writing a review or a couple, may not be on the latest hardware :) but maybe accessories like mice, keyboards or whatever. or if anyone would be interested in my ram for example, i could do a mini review no problem ;) so, thats my offering heh

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