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  1. That price seems a bit excessive given that I pay less than $7 a month for hosting. Perhaps you might consider a change of host? I use iPower and have since 2002 when I set up my teaching site. Why not go take a look and see if they have what you need? It doesn't cost anything to look and it might just ease the pressure on your wallet. The only reason I can think of that you are paying so much is that you have set up a dedicated server. Why do that if you don't have to? I use the Pro Plan and pay every two years to get the cheapest rate. I still haven't used a fraction of the space available but then again, I only use the site for teaching.
  2. I finally have the demo up and running and find it to be similar to Galactic Civilizations in that it is a huge area with tiny little pieces that you have to zoom in on to work with. To make matters worse, once you learn the interface it moves glacially slow. I haven't played GalCiv in many months, I find I still prefer the simpler Masters of Orion II, primarily for the ease of the interface. The entire map fits on my screen and I can see everything of consequence readily. I was up until 6 in the morning playing the demo, so it does have its addictive qualities but I'm not sure I can justify $45 for a 2 dimensional GalCiv, no matter how well done. Of course, knowing how things have gone for me lately, now that I've gone on record like this, I will probably own it before the end of next month ...
  3. I am posting just to help increase my post count as I know so little compared to most in here. My experience goes back to circuits made from discrete components around 1965, mainframe user starting around 1974, and PCs around 1977. I don't think I built my first computer until the early 80's (an Apple ][ kit). After about '87 I was more into creating custom databases for a living than anything else and even that skill is woefully out of date now. For the last several years I have purchased custom made systems from brand name vendors (most recently, 3 from HP) as I find the build cost doesn't give enough margin to make a living at any more. I never got into building hardware just for the sake of saying I had the fastest machine because that will only be true for a very limited time. It would be nice if there were an easier way to quantify the existing information contained in the forum. I think perhaps a table of contents and an index would help immensely. As I said, I don't know any useful new information but would be happy to help test anything developed from the idiots point of view. I have found I can test a software package to destruction faster than many.
  4. That's simple economics. It takes better, more expensive equipment to give higher speeds. It's only fair that a company that provides the higher speed be allowed to recover its costs and a fair profit. What I object to is that (evidently) they will now limit the bandwidth I've paid for if the site I'm trying to connect to hasn't paid them extortion. I've started a discussion on my forum, perhaps someone could duplicate it here? [Added] Sorry for the necrotopic but I've just read about this though, I've been seeing it in action, and hadn't realized that is what was going on. Im not sure spock, you want the discussion copied in this post here? Krank
  5. How about a Spam Cookbook? http://books.google.com/books?hl=en&id=aOGGpxemhlcC&dq=spam
  6. Hmm, I wasn't aware that a shell was a forum requirement. I will have to see if I can find one large enough that I have a chance of getting into it just so I can "come out" periodically. Actually, under my philosophy of attempting to appear more intelligent by being silent (why prove how stupid I am by opening my mouth!?) I tend to lurk in many fora unless I actually have something to say. I usually make some attempt to make such comments useful or constructive but most often just show how little I actually know about anything. Time to go hide again ...
  7. I will probably get blasted for this post but so be it ... [RANT] It seems to me we have only heard a single side of this "daytime TV drama" and I am getting a bit tired of the whining. There are two sides to every story and all I can suggest is, "get over your sense of rejection and get on with life!" Quit wallowing in self pity, no one else really cares. The sooner you get over this and get on with your own life, the better things will turn out for you. I'm sure we all have our own stories of love gained and lost, some probably a lot worse than yours but you don't see anyone else crying in the forum do you? I almost married my high school girl friend because she had a baby ... until I found out it was actually someone else's! I finally found the right girl and we've been married over 40 years now. [/RANT] OK, I'm standing by waiting for the blast of angry idiots who think I was too harsh. Just remember everything posted in any forum is a personal opinion and opinions are like dummies, everyone has them and they ALL stink!
  8. I've been using it in my classroom to teach basic database and mail merge techniques for a couple of years now. Initially there were a few glitches until I rewrote my class handout to match the OpenOffice commands. It opens and operates on MS Office files with no problems that I've been able to determine and will even save back to the same format.
  9. One of the Add-Ons that doesn't work that I use a lot is Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper. I use it to hide ads and in-your-face graphics and animations that distract from the content of websites and fora I visit. Hope it gets updated soon!
  10. Firefox v3b5 is out and it solves a minor problem I was having in that the earlier version would not display smilies or some forum indicators for certain fora. It now works ... for that anyway. Release Notes Improvements
  11. How Insurance Works After Mrs. O'Toole's barn burned down, she called her insurance agent to file a claim. She told the insurance man, "We had that barn insured for fifty thousand bucks, and we need that money immediately!" "Just a minute there, Mrs. O'Toole," the agent replied. "Insurance doesn't work quite like that." "What do you mean?!" she said. "The policy here says $50,000!" "That's a maximum," the insurance man said. "What we do is will ascertain the value of what was insured, and then provide you with a new one of comparable worth." After a long pause, she replied "That's how insurance works?!" "Absolutely," the agent said. "Well then," she said, "I'd like to cancel the policy on my husband immediately!"
  12. Ref: 10 Ideas That Are Changing The World Interesting, and sometimes disturbing, ideas. Well worth a read even if you don't agree with them all.
  13. I remember you saying that but couldn't you glue some extra acrylic to the bottom to act as legs to help support it? After all, you use stand-offs for the MB, why not the fan controller? Of course, the only problem with that is that if the DVD drawer is open you won't be able to access the fan controls as easily ...
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