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    Almost Heaven
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    PCs, Modding, Cycling, Model RR


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    Hardware: DFI LanParty NF680i SLI LT T2R/G | Intel Q6600 G0 | OCZ 2x1Gb Reaper DDR2-1150
    2x BFG 8800 GTX (650/2000) | Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer | Silverstone Strider ST1000
    WD 250Gb SATA | WD 400Gb SATA | Lite-On LH-20A1L SATA DVD-R/RW DL

    Cooling: DangerDen TDX CPU| DangerDen Maze4 SB | DangerDen i875 NB
    2x DangerDen 8800GTX | HW Labs BIX3 | HW Labs X-Flow BIX3 | LIANG D5

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