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  1. Turn off the power save settings for the adapter. It could be going into Sleep mode.
  2. I quit using windows almost a year ago and switched to Linux mint. I just couldnt deal with all the windows 10 issues all the time. From what i've been reading is microsoft is switching their os structure to linux. It is a big learning curve but it isnt bad at all. If your hardware supports temp monitoring you can Right Click the task bar (panel) and click Add to Panel and there should be a widget in there to shows temps. I have a monitor on my panel for CPU, GPU and CPU speed. pretty nifty. Using it on an old AMD laptop. My daily driver for a good while LOL
  3. I've put velcro on the trim and then made a panel with the opposite velcro and used it to cover and seal the opening. I've done this for attic fans to seal them for winter. works well.
  4. Yes it has been a great time to tackle some projects. Completely ripped out the whole upstairs floor, joist and all and replaced with all new floor joist and decking and rebuilt all the upstairs wall and ran all new electric. In the middle of replacing the windows now and then re-insulate and hang sheetrock. part of the rock is hung. Just waiting on the windows to come in. Should be pretty sweet when done.
  5. Hello, long time no see Life has gotten busy for the most of us. We're still here just not as frequent. I was up until the Covid thing hit and I went into hiding. Decided to move into the northern house and fully gut and reno it. been taking all my time. Trying to get some of it finished before I head back to work in August. Welcome back
  6. honestly I'd unhook the printer and uninstall all printer drivers and software and delete any remaining folders and see if that fixes the error issue and reboot issue. Check the other errors and see if you cannot fix those. I do know that windows 10 has change how the USB handles the ports and that has caused great issues especially with the mouse and its software. once you remove the printer software you might try updating the USB drivers and retry if that fixed the issue. The issues with windows 10 is the main reason I went Linux after win7 went EOL.... I cant deal with the issues for daily stuff.
  7. I'd figure out what it causing the reboots. Look in the Event viewer and see whats going on under the memory and hard drive for errors. I either use Parted Magics way of wiping an SSD with Secure Erase or Using HD Erase. here are the Crucial guidelines for doing so. https://www.crucial.com/support/articles-faq-ssd/methods-for-erasing-an-ssd
  8. Facebook has it's own crop feature for adding the image to the Round image section.
  9. I have only used Asus routers in AiMesh and I can tell you that they work really well. The wifi drop issue isnt always necessarily the router itself causing the issue it can be how busy the wifi is around you. Like how close are you to your neighbor and how many wifi's are around you. Even the best routers will drop wifi when there is collision issues and packets are lost. I have found to use a WiFi analyzer app and see whats going on around you and adjusting your router according. Before I upgraded to the AiMesh I was having WiFi drop issues constantly. After I upgraded I was still experiencing them but not as often. I found that routers would change channels and when the routers around me jumped on the same channel as mine it caused the drop. I used the app to see what channels are most non used and locked my router to that channel and took off Auto-Channel. Since then I have not had any issue with drops. Routers are set to Auto-Channel by default and they are supposed to auto negotiate what other routers close by are and keep you separate. I've found using the app that when one router swaps a channel they all follow...
  10. man were those the days. The 7n400 pro isnt a bad board depending on what revision it is but it still isnt as good as the old DFI Lanparty Ultra B boards. The 7n400pro will do a decent job but you WILL be limited by ram. Not sure if the Overclock Database is still available here or not but I had the 7n400pro and overclocked a few socket A's in it. Settings are here somewhere as are the Ultra B boards. To get good clocks you will need to find some old Patriot ram with Samsung ICs. these would clock to the moon. The best overclocking ram you can find for that board is the old PDP Patriot PDC1G3200 + XBLK (2-2-25 @ pc3200, 3-4-4-8 @ pc4200) I still have the kits I set ram records with. That board wont like the old Micron BH5 or BH6 high volt ram....
  11. Always best to flash a BIOS from fresh. I always hit Set to Default and then flash.
  12. I have also used the Arris Surfboard (16x) with great results. I had VoIP but did not use it. I had no problems activating the Arris modem. I am currently using the Xfinity modem (Xfi) in bridged mode. it was a free upgrade. I'll probably swap back to an Arris for better control. I have is paired with a dying Asus N66u.
  13. if memory serves...with the right board that will run at a 400fsb with the same style of ram. Volcano coolers werent the best as we used heatpipe coolers. I think I still have one from socket A days. I believe it was a Thermalright cooler.
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