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  1. dr_bowtie

    Comcast Modem Replacement

    I have also used the Arris Surfboard (16x) with great results. I had VoIP but did not use it. I had no problems activating the Arris modem. I am currently using the Xfinity modem (Xfi) in bridged mode. it was a free upgrade. I'll probably swap back to an Arris for better control. I have is paired with a dying Asus N66u.
  2. dr_bowtie

    Barton 2600+ 50oc Idle Temp?

    if memory serves...with the right board that will run at a 400fsb with the same style of ram. Volcano coolers werent the best as we used heatpipe coolers. I think I still have one from socket A days. I believe it was a Thermalright cooler.
  3. dr_bowtie

    New Forum ??

    Click UnRead Content under the Search, top right
  4. lucky you.... oh the conundrum......lol
  5. dr_bowtie

    SSD for Server OS drive

    What are your thoughts on using an SSD drive as the OS drive on a home server? Windows 7 is the installed OS. Just a regular run of the mill box with windows 7 installed on a WD-640gb hard drive that is partitioned at 199gb OS and the remaining as a Temp drive that is shared to the network. The box also has 3 additional hard drives also shared to the network for back up storage. There is also a 4-bay Port Multiplier hooked to the box via eSATA with a duplicate of the server that is used for server back ups. on the WD-640gb drive C: has the OS and current drive speed average about 75MB/s and the Partition (D:) averages 110MB/s my drive to drive transfers seems to be capped mostly to the C: drive speeds. I can transfer from other drives to the PM and speeds are higher. Usually 120-130 MB/s would there be any advantage or disadvantage to swapping to an SSD for the OS? I have a spare 240gb MX500 I could toss in it.
  6. I wouldnt even attempt to install the OS until Memtest passes. It will be easier on the controller to use only 2 sticks of memory Unless it is Quad Channel....which some are. As for the raid, I dont think I'd run a Raid 0 on a work PC unless it has some kind of rebuildable redundancy if it fails. Ram issues are one of the biggest causes of raid failures other than drives themselves... Use Parted Magic to "Erase" wipe the SSD drives to bring them back to like new and then test them individually to make sure the raid will be stable. Then again for a work PC I'd use a different raid that allows speed and reliability...I think it is Raid 5 and links two of the drives and uses the 3rd for redundancy.... that way if the raid set fails you run off the redundant drive.... you dont lose everything. rebuild the raid and carry over from the redundant.
  7. dr_bowtie

    Ya'll Won't Believe It

    It sounds like we just need a True U.S.A Brands. Do we have any of that in US of A??? Anyone?? not sure if we could afford it.... probably cost double.....
  8. dr_bowtie

    Ya'll Won't Believe It

    Bring back DFI....lol Or Abit or Epox.... (coincidentally Epox lives on under the Supox brand just not in the USA )
  9. dr_bowtie

    Official OCC 2018 Christmas Contest

    As a stay at work dad my gaming time has also gone down to near non-existent. But I still try to dabble a little with PC hardware. I just ordered an FX 8350 to upgrade my Phenom II X6, which was what I said as an answer to "What will be your first computer part purchase for 2019?" Ended up as the last computer part purchase for 2018. But I'll get it in 2019. I have the same setup. I still use a AMD 1075T is my gamer with a HD-5830 but I have an FX-8350 built on the shelf with a HD 5990 something (dual gpu) that was new and never used. I pulled it out yesterday and have yet to boot it up.
  10. dr_bowtie

    Official OCC 2018 Christmas Contest

    Fractal Design has been announcing OCC Christmas contest on their Facebook page. Nice to see all the attention!
  11. dr_bowtie

    Official OCC 2018 Christmas Contest

    I think bp is referring to Pascal Titan Xp,.. not the new Turing Titan RTX. awwwww.... your right. I swore it said RTX Titan. I guess I'm trippin I'd put either to good use... better than my HD5830 I'm still using LOL
  12. dr_bowtie

    Official OCC 2018 Christmas Contest

    Good luck to all the contestants! I sent in my submission
  13. Speaking of Lan Parties...Not sure if you've seen one lately, but I used a DFI Lanparty NF-II ultra-b (can they get any more unnecessary in naming things?) board for a couple years. So an event like that was so popular it creeped into advertising. Like "gaming" is today. The box for it even had a hoodie sweater guy. Complete with blurred cans of mountain dew and a can of Bawlz. Because if I wanted any image to promote what I would become if I used a product, that's exactly what I wanted to be! An over caffeinated dude with bad posture and a beige desktop! yessssss. (not my image...) I still have several DFI NFII Ultra B boxes, carry straps and stickers that say LanParty....boards are long gone but man were those some of the best clockers.... I had several of those boards with 2600 DTR Mobile CPUs in them. Too bad they couldnt keep their crap together in the enthusiast world... Most people dont know it but a lot of POS and ATM computers are DFI
  14. Sure man, I'll hit you up. Wife doesnt like Sins, not her thing. Not up on how we used to communicate and Lan together. I'll have to try and find some headsets.
  15. Nice upgrade man! How have you been doing? Was gonna reach out to you and see if Muffin and you still did the winter gaming stuff....? Just re-set up the mini lan for the wife and kids as the wife wanted me to hit you guys up and see if we could get something together?