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I was having a chat with repr and....


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I am working on the conversion from air to water on my Opty 165 system. I have pics of all the hardware (i think, most at least) that i just finished uploading to the OCIDB and will create a thread when i get some time today. I plan on doing a worklog as well as air vs water comparisons with exact same hardware.

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the short talk i had with krank certainly kicked somethign off.


what A_G said in his 1st reply was partly right. there is an OC guide, there is a recommended PSU guide, there is a WC guide. however


i wasnt active at that time, but this site has had its previous peak at the time when the 939 ruled every cpu you could throw at it, and this was an official DFI forums. however, times have changed. the OC guide is aimed at OC'ing the 939's, the PSU's for the DFI boards and the WC guide the same (though this didnt change a lot i guess).

the thing is, the 939 socket is gone. we had AM2 and now AM2+, and seeing the sigs around here lots of LGA775 boards, with intel cpu's. power requirements have gone further up, new chips, boards....etcetera.

some of those threads need major updates, to the point we live here now. ofcourse, this is for me an easy thing to say. i doubt i got the knowledge to do so. however, in the short time ive been here ive seen people with plenty of knowledge. not one, not two...no, dozens. everything one could ask can be answered here, but the forums guides and stuff got stuck in an old period. if all the threads on this forum would be updated there would be a huge wealth of info.


im not sure how this should go. im rather new here, and was just spitting out idea's on a very late night. more of a random thought. im willing to do my part. if i should write anything on anything i own, just tell me and ill do it.

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Well when the site was at it's peak there was a lot more users on here and the host only crapped out on us a few times, so it's a good host... but I do agree that with so few users the site could go on a cheaper host or use a cheaper deal that doesn't have so much overhead.
... It's getting to be that time...we have to come up with $397 by the end of May ...


That price seems a bit excessive given that I pay less than $7 a month for hosting. Perhaps you might consider a change of host?


I use iPower and have since 2002 when I set up my teaching site. Why not go take a look and see if they have what you need? It doesn't cost anything to look and it might just ease the pressure on your wallet.


The only reason I can think of that you are paying so much is that you have set up a dedicated server. Why do that if you don't have to? I use the Pro Plan and pay every two years to get the cheapest rate. I still haven't used a fraction of the space available but then again, I only use the site for teaching.


once again I will tell you: you don't know what the xxxx you are talking about.




how about you take a moment to recognize that you don't have a flying xxxxing clue about real web hosting on a site that gets enough traffic that it cannot, let me repeat for those of you who have a hard time reading, CANNOT BE HOSTED ON YOUR $3 A YEAR PLAN BECAUSE THE TRAFFIC, EVEN WHAT IT IS NOW, IS STILL TOO MUCH TO BE ON A SHARED HOSTING PLAN.


You xxxxing people kill me with your "I know more than you" bull crap when it comes to hosting this site.


You think for $7 a month you are going to get a full dedicated MySQL database that can handle the thousands of queries per day from you people hitting the search button, posting, dragging up page after page? You think for $7 a month you are going to get the kind of dedicated server, which means dedicated bandwidth, to host all those xxxxing pictures and videos that we have here?


Are you all smoking crack in the basement?


And no, I do NOT make any apologies if you have been offended. Because the situation is this: Don't open your xxxxing mouth about . you don't know anything about because it makes you look stupid. I'm so goddamned tired of hearing from outsiders how I am spending too much money on this dedicated server. So your plan is to have me move to a $7 a month shared server just so we can get kicked off in 4 days because the traffic here starts to make other sites on the shared box take a ., getting 20+ websites . and moaning to the host about how they can't get to their site? Then the webhost says "well you got to move to a different plan, a dedicated server, so that's going to be $200/month"


HOLY xxxxING . MAN! WHAT A DEAL! I mean, we were only paying $400/QUARTER before, but you know, someone talked me into moving to this shithole host that now says I got to pay $200/mo for this xxxxing website, so what do I do? Do I xxxx up the site again for another week while we move it BACK to Dreamhost, and probably won't EVER get the type of deal we have been getting for the last 3+ years since last time I looked most of the dedicated server plans are more expensive now, not to mention the downtime while the xxxxing DNS propagates...


Here's some advice to you (all of you). If you aren't in the circle of people who actually pay for and run this place (me, momma, tmod, dr_bowtie), then STFU about how you think you know more than we do about the financial side. I'm tired of hearing it after the last 3 years. If this speech offends you, not my problem, you should have thought about it before you ran your mouth. I don't come to your job telling you what a dumbass you are and how I know better than you how to do your job or run your household. Don't xxxxing come into mine and do that ..


I've seriously had it with this place. This is just one more piece of bull crap I have to deal with in daily life and as I said in my last post, you put yourself in my shoes for one day (as dr_bowtie, he's been there just so he knows what goes on, and he'll tell you, he doesn't really want any part of it because it's a giant hassle with little reward but a LOT of stress). Once you walk a mile in someone else's shoes, then you can say whatever the xxxx you want. Until then, you just look retarded for thinking you know something you don't know . about.


Just my two cents, if anyone cares.

When I first started coming here I was very green and wanted to learn all about overclocking.

Without a doubt this was the place to learn, and learn is what I did.

In the process I have met alot of very intelligent and good folks.


I come back here now basically to give back to other's what I was given, a chance to master overclocking and the hardware that is needed to do it.

I enjoy seeing other's problems solved. I enjoy reading about the various personalities we have here.



If you don't have the heart anymore Travis, it's understandable. I think your website has impacted ALOT of folks, before and certainly after the split up with DFI. You did the best you could and I appreciate all you have done.


I am just not sure I understand what the problem is besides the obvious money issue.


Though this site isn't all about overclocking, it is what I view it as to me.

I am not that interested in user's reviews or products but if that is what folks want then I would gladly help if I can.


I always remember what was said to me from a previous employer, don't talk about it, DO it...


I always will have good memories here, whether they continue or not remains to be seen.


people like you are what keeps the site alive. I don't expect everyone to agree with what they think the site needs. To each person it's different. To you it is overclocking. To others like me, overclocking is just dumb now and a waste of time, money, and hardware (this doesn't make YOU dumb for liking it, so don't take it that way). I wanted to expand the site because overclocking is simply too niche and too many other sites are out there doing it (though I tend to believe we do it a better way).


This site is what YOU make it. If you aren't interested in hardware reviews, then that's fine by everyone. Others are, and hopefully they will do some because others are as well. But if that isn't your bag, you should find something that is your bag. If that's overclocking, then you can bet there are others out there who are into the same thing. That's cool too. Do something if you can to draw those overclockers in. This site is simply "DIY", which means "do it yourself".


That means there's no set-in-stone theme we have to run...not even DIY honestly. It means since I don't give a . anymore (and apparently enjoy telling others to xxxx off and driving them away from the site like I did above), it is up to you people to figure out how you want it to go...easy (donations), or hard (putting some work in to attract others so no one has to donate anymore).


People always opt for easy. I used to hate that soooo much. But now, I don't care. So either/or. Whatever. I'm pretty much done here except for the games section since when I've got some free time away from school, I want to relax and play games with the boys (and man we get some BIG games going in Sins...that's my cake and I eat it too I guess).


Take my post however you want. If it pisses anyone off, leave (and tell everyone wherever you end up what a piece of . I am). If you understand without being offended, then you have a good idea of what you can do to help out. But whatever you do, don't try to tell me you know the financial side of the site better than momma and I do.

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Temper temper dear....


But he is right.

At the end of the month the money needs to be there.

So all i can say is:

Start writing those reviews and more inportantly if you need hardware click the affiliates link...so the site generates some money. or donate but thats boring...:D

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Let me say that I can totally understand the need for a dedicated server and the price the street is paying is certainly less expensive that what some places are charging for a dedicate server.


I've also started posting the latest promos from Newegg in the storefront section so that hopefully will help remind people to use the affiliate links when making purchases.


This site has give us so much over the years and now is our chance to give back in any capacity that's within our capabilities. A lot of things can aid in boosting traffic to this site; be it reviews, project logs, tutorials, etc. Our duty is to keep content coming in an effort to attract/maintain the active member base and banner clicks to keep this place alive.



I feel that the modding section and project logs are an integral part of the theme of this place since people always want to know how something is done as well as seeing the finished project. While some people may think "this just applies to PC cases", it's really a lot more than that; many construction techniques/skills can apply to case modding and vice versa, especially since modding tools aren't limited to a dremel. We can learn a lot and get ideas from seeing how other people are doing things.


EllisD's watercooling endeavors would be a great addition as many people wouldn't think about it otherwise and/or not realize what advantages it has when it's done right. So having before/after comparisons of idle/load temps under stock speeds as well as overclocked and max achievable OC would be a great addition.

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I gotta say, travis you are a jerk. But you have every right to be so and nothing we say will change that. I know I do, and I am sure many others do, still respect you.


Now on to the doing. I am trying to help by putting worklogs only on this site, unforuntatly then they don't get tons of coverage, plus my work logs suck as I don't take the time to take good pictures with a camera better then the one on my phone. Also I am pretty busy for the next month in a half, due to school stuff, but I will try to get some more work done.


I was thinking for a new PSU guide, we take what users have, break it down into a few categories (high end, mid, low), and take the most popular kinds into effect. We can probably also make a thread about PSU's to stay away from. I go to a few sites that have some tech people, and they always suggest cheaper PSU's. I can ask them why. I think since most of us came from DFI boards, we think (rightly so) that we need the best ones we can get.

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haha oh man. Its funny, I am like the most organized person in my IT class, other then most of the racks, which he forces kids to do semi decently.


I am thinking about it once I mod this case.

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