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  1. Nice chip you got there, I needed 1.375v to get to 4.7GHz 24h stable on mine. I still feel like the m.2 made most of the difference between this setup and my 3770K at 4.5GHz. Merry Christmas fellas.
  2. We can just play through steam, no? Yeah I dunno what's up anymore either, I haven't played anything multiplayer in ages. Fuck I'm old LOL
  3. Thanks Terry, Joanna also asked me if had talked to you and we should play a game some time, maybe this weekend if it isn't too busy. I just saw the thread on here that they're putting out some new SINS DLC, we'll be checking that out for sure. I really don't play anything else LOL. I mostly stopped going on facebook, but I still got messenger installed if you need to get in touch.
  4. That's a nice setup you got there, what's the specs?
  5. Hey wevs, bowtie, long time no see. I would say save up for the 8700K, if you can. I recently went from a 3770K to an 8600K and I definitely regret not springing for just a little more money for double the threads. I stopped using Gigabyte after a few DOAs, been using Asus exclusively since, no issues (besides that the Aura software sucks)
  6. That's dope, wifey and I still play SINS whenever we get some spare time.
  7. Time for a 12 year Update I guess First we got the Bernie machine in a Raijintek Metis case for streaming, my main rig is in the Enthoo Evolv ITX case. Then there is the old school gaming stuff and a retropie setup. Then there's my wife's stuff: midi keyboard and 2007 mac mini, plus her work rig with triple monitors, but that thing is filthy so no close ups of that Lastly in an old stairwell converted to a closet we got a Fractal Design Node 304 for my torrent box and another Fractal Design case for my Plex server, I forget which one it is (they all look alike to me) Main rig is a 4.8GHz 8600K, 16GB 3200MHz RAM, 256GB NVME/1TB HDD, GTX 1060 3GB Torrentbox is an i5 4590 (stock), 16GB, 2x 1.5TB HDD Server is an i7 3770K, 4GHz, 16GB, 5x 4TB HDD Bernie rig is some AMD Kaveri APU setup with a 750Ti Wifey's is an i7 4790, 16GB, 500GB SSD/500GB HDD, GTX 1060 6GB
  8. Bill Owen from MNPCtech recently asked his youtube viewers to share some old pics of their rigs but since I knew I had lost mine years ago, I figured I'd google my old username plus the terms "case mod". This thread was ported over here when OCC bought the DFI-Street forum database after they shut down, I am glad it's here. Now if I could only get into that photobucket account, that would be really cool.
  9. Yeah man, there is some other setups in there too, like a Thermaltake Tsunami with window mod. I can't get into the photobucket account that those pics are hosted on, bet there is a lot more on there. Here is a few more of a couple of cases that I found in my case gallery here, but they are too small to include in the video. I guess I was kind of a Thermaltake fanboy in the mid 2000's LOL.
  10. WOW.. I thought I lost all the pics of my old setups, this is dope I can't believe it's been 12 years
  11. I lost all my really old pics, but I still have a thread on here with some of my toys from the early 2000's https://forums.overclockersclub.com/topic/122798-pics-of-my-rig/
  12. I didn't have FF 3 installed so no issue there. Got NoScript, AdBlock Plus installed no issue.It used to be the other way around, but I got used to Chrome and I would miss NotScripts, AdBlock Plus, Better Pop Up Blocker and Google Personal Blocklist, they have become essential to me, funny how the tables turned.
  13. I don't see how it messed up your Chrome bookmarks.. they are pretty easy to rearrange in the bookmarks manager anyway. I do think FF4 is an improvement over FF3, but they dropped the ball, took too long, this would have been great like 6 months ago. I do like that they finally integrated sync, but Chrome has had that for a while now and now Chrome has all the FF equivalent extensions I need. The orange FF file ribbon, or whatever it's called is kinda fugly too.
  14. I just got caught up on EP 3 and 4, can't wait for the last one.
  15. I used it for a few hours last night.. same as IE9; went back to Chrome.. :/ Close, but no cigar imo
  16. I am actually tempted to give the lil guy a whirl, or maybe the one with the touchpad. Right now I am using the nMediaPC RF keyboard for my HTPC. It's got a trackballl but it kinda sucks, feels like a ping pong ball and doesn't move smoothly at all :/ imo, maybe if it had a higher DPI
  17. Well if they are from the underside just look which ones are missing. I wouldn't leave them out, some of them do more than just hold the base on.
  18. Yeah man, slap some electrical tape on that, paper will wear through if it's pushing against it. Can't you bend it back to the original position? Which part was it? Got a cam?
  19. I was a Diagnostic technician for Solectron/Flextronics who were THE electronics manufacturing company for HP/Compaq while I was there. Sounds to me like the power connector/USB board might have a lose connection, especially if it was plugged in when she 'smacked' it. If there isn't a warranty I would open it up and inspect it's connections to the motherboard or replace it if that doesn't fix it. You can find cheap replacement parts on ebay. Connector board 90W Model #431446-001 / 65W Model #431445-001 Before you start pulling all the screws out of the back be sure to remove all the back covers and components like memory, HDD, ODD and disconnect the antenna from the wireless adapter. Also don't forget to pull anything in the ExpressCard (PCMCIA) slot, or you won't be able to get the cover off. When working on these laptops I find that it's easiest to sort your screws in three sections; The ones from the cover, then the ones from the bottom inside (hold the keyboard and trim on) and last the screws that hold in the components. When building the machine back up replace all your fat short screws first, then the skinny short ones and the longer ones last. That way you don't accidentally put a long screw through the trim. Trust me I've seen it happen to experienced installers plenty of times before. You have to be careful when you disconnect the ribbons from the ZIF connectors, that little plastic clip (most likely white or blue) that slides in and out is pretty flimsy and may break or pull out too far if you aren't careful enough. I use a pointy plastic stick to pull the clip back. Don't pull it out all the way you should feel it click slightly when it's pulled out enough. I think the back of a small kids paint brush would work good. i wouldn't recommend using a screw driver since it's easy to slip ip and break the connector or scratch the PCB. Also take note of where all wires are routed. If they don't go back in the right spot and are secured with tape they might get pinched by screws during build up. Here is the service manual which includes the complete disassembly sequence. http://static.tigerdirect.com/pdf/HP_Pavil..._dv6000_MnS.pdf
  20. I have to say that I am still pretty happy with my case after these years, probably the best $250 I ever spent on my rig. http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Product.aspx...134&ID=1415
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