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Angry's Merry Christmas


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Hey There Mr. Overclocker,

Merry xxxxing Christmas,

Stop browsing porno long enough,

And watch this with the missus...


So in case I offended EVERYONE in the other thread (one can only hope lol), I decided to give you all my xmas present early, so you may share it with others.


A lot of you have probably seen the original one, but just in case you haven't, here's a bit of Trans-Siberian Orchestra combined with a LOT of nerdology...SO FREAKING AWESOME!


This guy would be right at home with all of us overclocking/tweaking/modding dorks!





And just in case you didn't know, looks like he was so popular that he did one in 2006:




and looks like another one this year but I haven't found a good vid of it yet.



Anyway, don't piss and moan about this being a video thread, or I'll leave a block of poo in your $#$#@% stocking. It's Xmas, and merry xmas to you, so enjoy it...or you'll get a block of poo. And not the kind you can throw at others either. Just plain old blocked poo that is totally useless.


and last, a bit of vid where he sorta talks about it:



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Man that is crazy, Very cool man. :D Thank you Travis, and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.



We saw TSO at the Giant Center in Hershey PA this year and THEY kicked butt. It’s a great show by some awesome rockers. Chris Caffery is one hell of a guitarist. Jeff Plate drum solo was the BOMB, hard and fully rhythmic. Mark Wood with his neon lit, electric flying-v violin what can I say the best rocking string master. I could go on, but you got to see them.

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TSO rules!


how long do you think that guy needed to set those lights up and program them acordingly?


In one vid on YT he stated that to took ~2 months to program the 250,000 lights (on 700+ controllers) for the show in Denver


Edit: here's a link to a radio interview with Carson Williams http://www.wgmd.com/SOUNDS/NEWS/HOLIDAYLIGHTS-11-29-05.mp3

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