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    Q6600 3.6Ghz/ 1.43v(air)/ OCZ Vendetta 2 / P35 DS3R / 4x 2gb G.Skill / XFX HD6870 / Xigmatek NRP 750w / Antec P182 / Monitor, Keyboard and one of those Mouse thingys.
  1. Yeah having this problem too, I get bad headaches with dark backgrounds and bright texts. The blue is super annoying, I haven't posted here in years and back then there was an option to change the blue I think to a gray, has that been completely removed?
  2. Damn it, i thought I had it fixed, they are back. I am using FF3 any ideas on how to get rid of this annoyance? I thought just changing the font set is what you meant but probably not.
  3. I keep getting these weird symbols appearing when I type something in forum pages. Does anyone have any idea, they vary by the numbers and letters in them, virus or something maybe? Its starting to do my head in ....lol I don't know where else to post this so sorry if its in the wrong place mod gods Branjo
  4. I have been using it for a couple of months now, totally love the feel. Its still like trying to learn Chinese to me though but there is a wealth of help out there. ATM Im a cut n paster to solve my problems lol. love the little desktop effects, the rain drops is my favorite
  5. Bloody monkeys will bone anything these days.
  6. You kidding, you come to my door with that and im out with the shotgun lol That was awesome, the first little kid hauling a$$ made me laugh.
  7. I have a Delta 130CFM its pretty damn loud at full pelt, can't imagine 2 of them. Course you would have to supply a hell of a lot of fresh air to the push/pull setup so that may mean putting another one on the front and back of the case to get the airflow consistent, now that would be loud. Its all about how much of a drone you can stand coming from the case. Cant wait until winter to turn the damn thing back down, quieter the better if you ask me.
  8. Native is the speed something was designed to run at and legacy is a slower overall speed for the sake of compatibility. Glad you got it sorted.
  9. The ones NMIndex or NMIndexing I believe is NERO you can disable those in your services with no adverse effects, I have those and both are disabled too. The svchost.exe is made up of a lot of other services. If you do a google for XP services then many people have done a list explaining what each of the services mean and which ones are basically pointless to enable or even have on your PC.
  10. Bro I have absolutely no idea why its doing that, that is very strange. All I can think of doing is a microsoft update for XP before Vista. Maybe it will prepare it for the vista install
  11. I guess I jumped the gun a little as you haven't started overclocking, yet lol. The good part however is now you have the control you were after at the beginning of this thread. Get busy on reading those overclocking guides and you will be amazed what that "little old" CPU can do. It was basically the E6300 that made me and a lot of other people consider an Intel setup. A 1.86Ghz CPU that can run quite comfortably at 3Ghz!!! no freaking way, by the time I had enough money saved for my current rigs I had a lot more choices, but at the start the E6300 was my goal setup.
  12. For me the absolute best of the best FPS has to be BF2, even though I rarely play it anymore it just has an acceptable level of all aspects of warfare, ground, vehicle and flight. The lack of single player was a huge let down though, COD4 love the game but having only one aspect makes is get boring very quick. If you could somehow combine COD4 with everything BF2 has I would be a very happy gamer. Then again I don't get out much as it is so maybe its a good thing too that that game isn't here yet ...lol
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