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    No Board ATM :( (well i still have my 975X/G in a cupboard lol )
    Samsung 750Gb F1
    8800GTS 512mb
    Corsair 620w
    Custom watercooled in a Lian Li V350b
  1. just read the whole thread that right 1 hours of reading. Seriously I thought America was a "free" country, this is just ridiculous. If APS knew what was good for them they would have dropped it after a week.
  2. Could b a number of things, psu, board, graphics, but yes My Old DFI Infinity had a beep if the NB got toasty so I poped a HR05 on it. You need to locate the problem before you can solve it.
  3. well presuming they use the same thermal sticky pads of horror that they used on my blitz formula then there not brilliant, but do work well enough to do the job. (they wouldn't be able to sell the product otherwise) When I took mine off to water cool them I used a hair dryer and heated them up for 30 seconds then using a cloth to stop burning my hands gently prised it off. My thoughts would pull me away from freezing, although it will separate the two materials, when things freeze things become brittle and tend to snap, sheer off and generally just break. However I have heard that this method has had some success, the most common mehtod I have heard of being used is the heating one though. However Unless your removing them to install another product, be it water blocks or a thermalright, I really would just leave it the hell alone. Hope this helps.
  4. Howdy everyone, Ive just gone to log in at the street for the first time in a few months to find everything has changed again. arrrggghhhhhh Still I like blue, its a nicer colour than brown to look at. lol Hope all is well with everyone. PS now I need to get me an avatar Edd
  5. s1ick

    gift certificate

    why dont u put it toward a new graphics card
  6. Notice thats the speed at work. my home connection is puny and offers no upward speed. (and come to think of it little downward).
  7. work speed it hits over 30 up and down, when not in use
  8. go with the 256mb 8800GT If your gaming at 1680x1050 and want decent AA and AF you mite want the 512mb version. yes one of these babys will stomp over your previous card(s)
  9. by big name titles that didnt live up to the hype I'm guessing your referring to Crysis, I mean its pretty and all but not brilliant. So apart from bioshock what other new games did you sit down and throughly play this year that really didnt live up to expectations. Also how can you go through and not give the Orange box one mention?
  10. my advice is to sell the two seperate card's add the money on from the cost of the third party cooler + a few quid more, and get an 8 series single slot card.
  11. I dont rate the arctic cooling range as much as most do, you need a tuniq, or a Zalman 9700 on half-full speed.
  12. wrong there are ways of testing RMA'd products (processors) if they have died from overvoltage or constant use of too much voltage. not likely to be done but it could be. Also I know the big corporations dont give a dogs mess about us in reality, but Its just wrong to RMA something that you have broken yourself.
  13. ill give it a go when I get my WC rig set up I have a spare unused and lapped (i was bored) 2180.
  14. Hey over 30's is a little harsh, granted some
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