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    Gears Of War

    I have it installed and did not get far on the game itself just yet. I put i off when I got Witcher, and then put off again when proceeded with COD4, and now am caught up with online cod4. But when I play it, I have no problems with it.
  2. I had all the cd's that they put out and love all of them. When I neglected my general cd collection, some of the NIN cd's went missing. I am definitely getting this one.
  3. I have been playing online and just clicked on one of the servers playing search and destroy. I got lucky and been playing with some guys who's lowest level is mid 40's, and there I was just running around like a headless chicken, LOL he he he. But the guys I was playing with are very cool though and now I'm level 20 I think and gotten used to the flow of the game, not running around like a chicken anymore. My greatest satisfaction is ambushing level 55 guys, and have done a bit of sniping with great effect.
  4. ^^^^ Avatar reminds me of Ren and Stimpy, dont know why.
  5. I heard about the incident on the morning radio news today. My issue with the Marine's act in question is that, well he's a Marine, representing a corp of man and women in the armed forces of the US of A. He may have been just having fun with the whole thing, but he should have thought of his actions before hand and its consequences.
  6. Temptations - My Girl the wife and I just enjoy the classics
  7. Nat King Cole on You Tube. The world will not ever produce another like him in my lifetime I'm sure.
  8. Your psu may not be able to run the load for what you are asking for it to do. I'd suggest a better one that you pick from the reccomended psu list thread. Seeing that you can boot with 3.0 is promising, on air to boot, I think thats impressive. I had a couple of Opty's mysef and could not even pass 2.81, lol.
  9. Magel, thats a sweet ride you got there. I have no idea what that thing is or its history, but judging from the pix, it looks like its stock condition and already stands out. Imagine what you can do with it with after market upgrades. Anyway, I have myself a Dodge Dakota sport, exhaust upgrade and intake filter upgrade. Manual trans V8. The first day I got it, well 9 hrs the next day, I got a ticket going 100 mph plus, I just wanted to test what the truck can do and obviously it did well. It is now my construction work truck, and it still kicks butt.
  10. ^^^ What the hell is up with your girlie pink van, I prefered your raper flame van.
  11. ^^^^^ Another professional with a great future, I wish I had a vehicle just like his avatar.
  12. ^^^^ A dental tech at a young age, wow! Also got a system thats top notch.
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