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  1. The crossfire chip works as PCIe2 but the actual connection is PCIe 1.1
  2. The Crossfire is definetly good, but if the 3850 as a PPU is going to be worth it...dunno. My suggestion would be try it, and if it doesnt work just send the 3850 back.
  3. Hmm, 380W is definetly enough for that system. I know plenty of people (German forum) that run GTXs on Seasonic 380W PSUs with no problems.
  4. Any case that will fit the GTX/Ultra will fit the X2
  5. Yep, good for you guys I guess... Im still going 3870 CF unless a GDDR4 version of the X2 comes out.
  6. Thats what I meant! Becuase of the shorter PCB no Watercooler or other Aftermarket cooler would fit it.
  7. Nah mack, it may be better for people who will want stock cooling etc, but no aftermarket X2 coolers will fit that thing!
  8. I dunno, but I was pretty sure the only review with the new drivers is the one @ andantech.
  9. Well, Im pretty sure this card is going to be good, since Crossfire scales extremely well under DX10, and any game can be made to run CF with a little finesse. And if you read the review @ anandtech, they used the new beta driver, because of which the card was postponed by one week..and with that driver they pretty much beat the Ultra in every game, including Crysis!
  10. No, it still is Crossfire. Games that do not support Crossfire will run worse on the X2 than on a single 3870.
  11. Yeah, since Crossfire more or less works everywhere (Your game doesnt work? Just rename the .exe to any game known to work with CF), Its a great card! Much better than nVidias dual-PCB monster. Once the price sinks a bit, this will be an amazing deal. Im only going to get one if it comes out as a GDDR4 version, otherwise im going to stick with my plan of 2x 3870s.
  12. Out of those two, Id get the 900, because the way you described your current case, if you slapped some lights onto it with a window, you would have a TT case. Other cases to look at would be the CoolerMaster Stacker (831 being my personal favorite) and the CoolerMaster Cosmos 1010.
  13. If you flashed them to the same bios first, then Id say yes.
  14. 1. You own a console 2. Like Guitar Hero 3 even though Clive Winston is gone 3. Your hockey team 4. Your hairstyle 5. ..because your Angry 6. ..because you have 28k posts in under 4 years... 7. You havent brought out any video-reviews like the IHS-removal one 8. You dont update the front page enough 9. You dont get us freebies from Newegg 10. You cant wait for Fallout 3 oO
  15. Ill second fariss, but if Crossfire isnt a future option Id recommend a P35 board.
  16. Get the Thermaltake, CoolerMaster and Enermax off your list, the other 2 are just better.
  17. Just get what sounds right to you.
  18. Other sets by G.Skill, Kingston, OCZ and Team Group have Micron D9s. Dont pay extra $ for speeds that can be reached on your own. See the thing is with RAM over DDR2-800 is, that even though they say 1066Mhz, they will boot at 800 the first time and require you to OC them to those speeds. Sure you get the garanty that they will reach those speeds, but 98% of Micron D9s will do atleast 1066Mhz.
  19. As I said, RAM above DDR2-800 is pretty pointless, since 800Mhz RAM with DMGH9s can be had for much cheaper and will almost always reach 1066 or more Mhz
  20. I dunno, It goes for 150€ here..which is cheap for a PSU of its quality..You do the math
  21. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231065 Those have D9s and as you can see are very popular. Otherwise google is your friend.
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