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  1. I tried it again after power cycling and it works for modem - pc, but looks like router is toast.
  2. Just tried it and here's a twist, i get no internet connection from the modem to my main pc, so i am not so happy right now
  3. Are there any recommendations you guys would go with
  4. yep i can access the setup page, I've tried everything from soft to hard resets, but other then that i get nothing.
  5. Hey everybody, my q is as follows my linksys wrt54gx4 seems to be not working correctly, I had the ckt brker go out 2 days last week and now I get no internet connection unless I hook up directly to the pc and bypass the router, so is it possible that it is fried or something. Thanks
  6. Yeah it's amazing how many comments i get from the people at work and even people I don't know give me. It' just an awesome feeling that I'm accomplishing one of my long time new years goals, between me losing weight and also starting school again (I plan to go into the HVAC field), and taking more chances in life in general I know great things are coming my way.
  7. Hello everyone I felt like I had to bring everyone up to speed. As my last post in this thread said I bought an exercise bike which I had used when I got home from work in the morning and then my shift got changed which got me a little depressed and I stopped exercising and then I had my ordeal with the hospital and once I was better I still didn't pick up where I left off and yes I'll say it I was lazy, but then comes this October and something hit me and not only did I start to hit the bike again I also started to lift some weights and here is a pic of me in my work pants a few pounds later. http://img179.imageshack.us/img179/2364/200804070008azu3.jpg. I exercise three times a week @ 1 hour each of those days on the bike and about 30 mins to 1 hour doing the weights right after I get done with the bike. I am know down to 229 as of this morning from my previous which was around 270-280.
  8. I wanna say yes, but I'd probably have to really explain it to him.
  9. Hey everybody I got a pretty easy question, my one friend has this song I want is it possible for him to rip it and send it to me via email, and if it's possible how hard would it be because he's a little tech challenged? Thanks
  10. I want to look at the video but I just can't bring myself to do it, and real or not it just shouldn't be done.
  11. your telling me, I blew up at work today in part of it
  12. Ok so I tried it with ZA reinstalled and it won't work, is it safe to uninstall ZA and just leave it up to my router?
  13. My router is linksys wrt54gx4, and I took your advice and unistalled ZA on the pc upstairs and something amazing happened it worked, so I reinstalled ZA and I'll double check it when I get home and then I also have to redo my ext hd because right now it show up disconnected.
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