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  1. When I read the title I thought
  2. typo but EllisD may have a point with that avatar.
  3. Dang, Reel 3 folding rigs. Thats more than you had at the Street, hun? Are you doing VMware/Linux or WinSMP with smp rigs? Just get another SMP rig going and you'll be hashing out the points and climbing up the ranks in no time.
  4. I would post this over at OCC. Most of the DIY'ers are over there. Congrats on the baby.
  5. While I own several hand guns, rifles and shotguns. I have no Glock's. Hand guns are good for very close range as long as you
  6. I use to eat goat in Yemen. I hope it wasn't a pet.
  7. EllisD, This code should work. I can't test because I'm not on the team.
  8. EllisD Use this http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/team_summary.php?s=&t=12772
  9. EllisD, You can mod your folding sign code and add http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/tea...?s=&t=12772 It need to go into places then when you click the img it will take you to the EOC stats.
  10. Well simplest thing for the DIY-Street Team and to keep there points is the rename. I am sure there will still be a bleed over to team 12772.
  11. Hay All, How should we address the DIY-Street folding team? The [email protected] points are not transferable. So I suggest having a second team for OCC. Members of team 45454 will not have to change a thing. I
  12. We just need a president with the BALLS to do it. Female or not, Black or White I don’t care just a president that will stand up and fight for this country. EDIT and this is NOT directed at the OP or anybody By the Way…………….I am a Red, White and Blue neck. I stand up for this country, I fought for this country and my life is this country. I’ll also die for this county it’s my destiny. We may have issues…………BUT look at the rest of the world, then go and travel it and see the depression, tyranny and waste of human life. I have!!!! Then come back a say something BAD about our country. You may just appreciate the US a LOT more
  13. Somebody changed the list. Probably you Dr.
  14. Congratulations man! Fatherhood is a pretty cool thing. Hard work but well worth it in the long run. We have raised three wonderful kids to adulthood. All are fine adults and contributors to our society.
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