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New DFI Lanparty UT NF590 SLI-MR2/G

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When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the professor said: "If you noticed, all the nice looking expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress.




What all of you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciously went for the best cups and were eyeing each other's cups. Now consider this: Life is the coffee, and the jobs, money and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain Life, and do not change the quality of Life. Sometimes, by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee God has provided."

I've heard this before but about something else, not coffee...but the end result is the same


very very wise....we should always remember this bit, the same as we always remember soundx98's Rumors bit:


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Yes, sorry about the short novel of a post I made. I just thought I would explain the reason why somethings are the way they are. I enjoy a good discussion with people and NEOAethyr and I seemed to be getting along ok. Sorry if it seemed like it was on the edge of heating up.


Anyways, it looks like NEOAethyr may get his wish for the nice copper coolers :)

Bit-Tech swung by DFI at Computex and got some more info about the 590 SLI. I must say it is looking good.

actually, after reading through the deleted posts, I've undeleted a few and more to the point, yours, because you raised perfectly valid and correct points on just about everything NEO said.


this isn't so I can shame NEO (but keep in mind he's never had an Athlon64, he's still using AthlonXP and NF2 and I have to constantly remind him and others about this very IMPORTANT fact).


NEO is like a lot of people...they want all of their old legacy junk (and it might not be junk to you, but it pretty much is the industry and the rest of us who want NEW NEW NEW all the time). They want all the new junk. They want it all to exist together.


This is fantasy.


Everyone bitched about moving from carbs to fuel injectors cuz they couldn't tinker with the flow rates anymore....20 years later you just take your fuel injected Honda to a dude that has the computer hookup and he can adjust almost all of the engine settings.


It aint supported by Honda...but it's there for those that want to fool with it.


What does that have to do with DFI motherboards?





DFI builds NEW motherboards using NEW technology from AMD/Intel/Nvidia/ATI etc


if these companies didn't want NEW technologies....if they didn't think NEW was better, they would just suffice with old stuff, and we'd still be using serial mouse, serial ports, parallel ports, PS/2, PCI, AGP, etc.


But see...reality is something that a lot of people can't grasp. Why is it so easy to plug in a printer to a USB port and blammo it's pretty much done?


Why is it so easy to plug in a usb mouse and not even have to load drivers (unless it is a special gaming mouse etc).


Why do we not have IRQ conflicts anymore now that Windows controls these and the BIOS allows the OS to control them?


Why do we have super fast dual core cpu's and dual gpu setups? Why do they run on a much improved PCI-E bus that can communicate point-to-point bidirectionally?




you DO see the point!



who wants a board that can do SLI but still uses AthlonXP cpu's?


who wants a board with serial, com, parallel ports and DDR2?


who wants a board that can use PCI-E but still run SDRAM?



you are getting the point here I see, tho some of you like NEO will argue until his head explodes because he can't admit that new technology is what drives the industry, and makes our computing lives easier, even if it means it crashes all the time at first.



Take this to heart:



remember at some conference where Bill Gates was touting USB technology AND Windows98? How great it was etc...and so he plugs in this USB scanner or something on stage....and the %$#@$# decides to BSOD right then and there lol.


And we ALL laughed and laughed and laughed and made derisive comments on what a dumbass Gates and his crew were and how Windows95 was all we'd ever need.


Hey...remember Gates is the one that said there would never be any reason for any consumer to ever need a 'personal' computer (waaaaay back in the DOS days lol).




look now...all these years later...USB is the STANDARD...if something aint USB...its crap. All the benefits Intel and the rest touted about USB is true...255 devices, self-powered, plug-n-play, etc.


It took a year or five to work out all the bugs and new OS's didn't always help....but right now on WindowsXP...nothing really beats a USB device...and now we have 8+ USB ports on modern motherboards.





I could go on and on and on and on and make point after point after point after point about technology changing and certain people just hating it and bitching up a storm about it claiming it WASN'T better etc.


and every single one of those people was WRONG. Maybe not today (or the day the tech changed), but within a short time, they were WRONG. Completely WRONG.




People right now are crying like women about how AMD moving to DDR2 is stupid and that it offers no benefits etc.


And I've said from DAY ONE...you are WRONG.


TODAY you might not see a bit of difference from your 3500+ DDR1 vs 3500+ DDR2.


but what about next year when DDR2 or DDR3 is at 1600Mhz? THere's simply no way any DDR1 is going to breach the 1000Mhz barrier honestly....DDR700 is something that is so rare as to be a shining gem in the void....DDR600 honestly is quite impressive for DDR1....


but heck, DDR2 is basically going to start for us AMD'ers at DDR2-667....and good DDR2 is already at 1000Mhz, and climbing very very fast...


so how is AMD ever going to ramp up their cpu's performance if they are STUCK at DDR600 or maybe even DDR700 as that is about the limit of DDR?


Ah....they see what Intel saw a couple years ago...and yeah Intel cpu's at the moment suck total youknowwhat, but now you see that changing with Conroe...the AMD killer for now...and it uses DDR2-1066 (or at least the EE's do and that means soon the EE's will be DDR2-1200 or 1500 etc and the normal cheaper Conroe will ramp up to DDR2-1066 etc).




so you kinda see why I undeleted some of these posts....





technoflamingvanman was correct as were others...DFI is going to build a board with the features that MOST overclockers want.


This means that some overclockers and non-overclockers will be unhappy....like NEO lol...


this is reality folks.


this old member slavik used to have this argument with me and I finally broke down one day and reality-medieval on him and explained that if we built a board that tried to please EVERYONE, it would be about 4' x 4' and it would cost $1900+ and would require 6 psu's etc.


Because to fit all the junk on a board that EVERYONE wants...is impossible.


This is why DFI, Asus, etc make MULTIPLE boards of the same chipset type, and MULTIPLE boards overall...same reason Intel makes different speeds/features of cpu, same reason why there's 16 different Chevy cars or such instead of just one...



Sometimes we are too stubborn to admit to something like this...


I myself am currently guilty of it playing this online MMOG called Eve-Online. Back a year or more ago, momma and i played and we could do these level 3 misisons in a simple ship and kick butt all day long, and we made bank in the game easily.


We sold our accounts, and then in January we started playing again, 2 expansions etc later...and all kinds of rule changes and feature changes etc...


and now...level 3 missions are ^%@#$#@ impossible almost in the same simple ship...even with the same skills we had before...and yet...neither of us can admit that the missions ARE HARDER NOW.


We simply played the game too much at a certain level, a certain way before....and now after all the changes....we still are trying to force teh same game playing and such and it is costing us millions of dollars in the game, and that ain't easy to make back...but we are too %#@$#@ stubborn to admit reality that they game has changed and we HAVE NOT CHANGED.



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I'm not all again'st new stuff, matter of fact I thaught to myself, a ddr1 rig, the lpb, and some ddr2 rig, hmm.

I would'nt hav to buy more ddr for another rig, just this one, and I can move on to a diff cpu.

Essentually a diff generation.


Instead of moving on to the nf4's, which are ddr1, which my lpb is more finiky so it needs the best ram...

I mean, I would probably get 600mhz easy on the nf4 even with a worse batch.

The lpb seems like it's hard to reach the upper 200's even with good expensive memory.


There's gonna be new cpu's, more cpu speed, easier oc'ing, newer memory controller, etc on these am2's.


So I dn...


I've seen ddr2 in action before though, in a notebook, a cele.

It was quite fast, seen it in sandra...(I dont' care for sandra nor do I trust it), but still, over 8k ^^.

Not oc'ed, nothing like that.

The cpu I think was a 1.7ghz.

Very impressive.


I'm still not sure if ddr2 is the way to go performance wise.

But like AG said, eventually it will be.

Look at vga cards.

Lmao..., I dn what speed they are right now with ddr2.., but I guess that would be the place to look ^^ :).


I would guess it's gonna replace the bga ddr1 800mhz chips in there entierty soon here.

If another ddr1 vga even comes out again...

DDR2 I would not doubt continues to come out.

It'll probably become the cheaper memory to buy in batches, so all of those low end cards may end up being all ddr2.

The same stuff you might have in your rig as system memory :).

May be an interesting twist on how well a vga card oc's memory and how a mobo oc's the same memory :).

A very techinical twist, but a cool one anyways.




That ide thing though, that's a bit of a shocker though :.


I'm sure there's very good sata drives out there, it's probably the controllers that are responciable for the bad rep.

I mean where they can't handle a higher pci speed, that's what it would of been.

I do know there's pci-66, and pci-e sata cards out there though, very very nice raid ones.

Darn can't find the info's...


I believe this was one of the companies I was looking at, for top of the line raid 5 controllers:



Sometime I notcied after this, after I exausted all resources, that there was no awesome udma/ide raid 5 controller.


Anyways I'm pretty sure a controller like this would'nt hold ya back in oc'ing lol, as it's spec'ed pretty darn high up there, and this one is pci-e to boot.


Bah I don't have the time to dl the pci based one's datasheet to see what pci spec they were...

Anyways as pci-e, the clocks are decent allready for now.

I woould hope it clocks well on the pci-e bus, so not as to hold anything else back.



Whatever though, it's not bad.

It does certainly meet within certain high speed specs for certain kinda people...


So I guess sata is'nt that bad, just need to find the right ones...

I would assume to start at the most stable in the industry, the ones with the least returns, and that would be seagate.

Then go from there if you need more speed, if there is other drives that are faster at that time when you're looking for drives :).

(I'm a little partial to westrn digital myself, but may switch if performance shows in seagate's favor, need to check that stuff out...)

(Offtopic: seagtes init very fast btw, even this old sucker I got, a 40gig inti's super fast, it's just got a slow transfer rate)



Getting offtopic with this...



Anyways I forgot to mention last time.

If they're gonna replace pci completely, which is ok by me, they need more pci-e slots lol.


I think creative makes sounds cards in pci-e form, but I could be wrong, there's defently good sata cards out there in pci-e.


That one dude said there is vga cards in the lower laned pci-e slots, and he's right, I know this allready.

The Quadro NVS 440.

I believe that's right...

It's pci-e 1x.

It's a nv43 core, but it's a quadro, a prrofessional card.

Bah it's expensive as heck right now...

To expensive for that sort of part, the 540's are only a $100 I think though, probably less now.

Thinking a cheap, but very nice temp card(to use as a 2nd card in the future too)


Anyways a creative pci-e sound card maybe.

For low latency when capturing video.

For peeps that do that.


I guess there is enough slots for now if you plan it right :).

Maybe 2 vga's, one main like those 9550 gx2's or whatever they are called(for sli in one card) or a 7900gt, which would really be enough.

Since the next gen will be a step up anyways..., that sort of thing.


An extra sata card if you want to go all out.


However, thinking about it, the nv sata controllers...

I wonder how good those are..., hmm, :D, lol.

I wonder what bus they are on, anyone know this? (pci or pci-e?)



Ok I'm interested lmao :D.


Anyways, I noticed that there might not be caps for the cpu...

That digital pwm thingy.

Meaning digital mosfets?/ power swithing?

Sounds interesting if there's no bugs...


Anyone gots some infos on that :) ?


Jeez, now I wanna see est prices on the cpu and mobo's and brands of memory chips...

Then how well the memory clocked on vga cards before...




An yeah I know I went a bit offtopic on this post too :




HG, yeah usb is better the lpt I think.

But my use for it has'nt swiched over to usb fully yet :( .

There's allways straight up xbox controlers though, those work very well on usb, they are usb by nature anyways they're allright gaming controllers...

I allready modded one of those s controllers and it works just fine on usb.

Vibration and all, axis control/swap like no pc controller can give.

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If you read the article by bit tech you will find that the motherboard pictured isn't final (which is to be expected).

The fan that is on this particular board is not the final version - DFI has made some changes, and it will be one of the first boards they ship with a new all-copper cooling solution. We managed to get a picture of what the new heatsinks are expected to look like.

So I am guessing it will probably be just like the ATi based boards that we have seen pictures of.



just for you NeoAethyr, I did some searching and I found two different IDE controllers that also support SATA.

The first is a PCI-E 1x

It has one IDE channel and 2 SATA channels allowing for up to 4 drives total.



The second one should take care of most of your port needs

It has 3 external and 1 internal USB port.

It also has 2 external 1394a ports (thats Firewire 400)

Then it has two SATA ports

And to top it all off it has one IDE channel.



If you want to carry this discussion further I would suggest to do it through PMs so that this thread doesn't go too far OT.

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wow i really love this board for some reason. CMOS clear is in a much better place this time around. Well at least for me it is.


got some questions though. Why is it that all board makers put the debug LED sideways though?? I mean why not put it upright so when i look through the case window i can read it without having to tilt my head to the side??

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wow i really love this board for some reason. CMOS clear is in a much better place this time around. Well at least for me it is.


got some questions though. Why is it that all board makers put the debug LED sideways though?? I mean why not put it upright so when i look through the case window i can read it without having to tilt my head to the side??



why not put your motherboard in a case that allows you to read it without tilting your head???



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If you read the article by bit tech you will find that the motherboard pictured isn't final (which is to be expected).


if you read my first post you'll see I said the same thing before anyone....

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abotu the comment on the MSI Neo2 Platinum not beign a good overclocking board. I would say exactly the opposite. I am a big DFI fanboy but have to give props to other brands that can put out good OCing stuff as well. The Neo2 Platinum was most likely the best overclocking NF3 Ultra based board available, given you found the right BIOS to support your hardware. It under volted a little but using a multi meter you could adjust to compensate for that as well. A DDR Booster worked wonders withthe board and raised ym MAX OC from 315 HTT all the way to 345 HTT because it allowed me to bring my XBL's to the voltage to stabalize.


BioStar is another up and coming Overclocking series of boards. Specifically the T-Force series. I have awsome results while playign with them. The T-Force 6100 has allowed me to run my HTT bus speed so far out of spec it is not funny and still the system is Rock Solid stable. I have a Sempron 2800 running at 2.8 Ghz on the mATX T-Force 6100. For those that do not knwo the Sempron 754 chips under the 3000 are all multi locked completely. SO I am using a 8X multi and running at a HTT of 350. The LDT spec for the 754 is 1600 I am currently running at 2100 with a socket 754 chip. I would say that proves the stability of the board.


I for one can not wait for the DFI AM2 boards to hit the market because that will convince me to purchase an AM2 setup because I for one am not rfeeling like usign an ASUS or Abit board as I have never had really godo luck with them. I had an issue with my SLi-D a while back and DFI took right good care of me and got my board back to me performign as well as it did on the first day of use. That is just one of many reasons while I tend to hold out for DFI boards to make a major upgrade........

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of course thats why i said "haha" was being sarcastic.


on a related note the new abit fatal1ty board has the LED debug upright so you dont have to torque ur neck to read it.

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on a related note the new abit fatal1ty board has the LED debug upright so you dont have to torque ur neck to read it.

well, its not like you read your debug thing all day, do you?


& besides, what if you mount your motherboard upside down?


regardless, i'm glad the new boards have it and i wont poke fun at how it sits, i know it'll be a life safer when i'm hurtin for some debuggin'

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