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  1. Tried EVERYTHING, nothing was working. I tried all of your suggestions at the same time, and it worked! - Took the mobo out of the case and lied it on syrofoam to test - Updated BIOS - reset all BIOS settings - cable was not the issue but i changed it anyway somehow something made it work and it works like a champ now. awesome possum i can now get back to work! THX for your suggestions!
  2. anyone have any suggestions for my situation?
  3. Hi folks I have an issue on my hand and it sounds bad. Sig is pretty much accurate, the PSU is different (500w Delta power), but I have tried it with two PSU. I am attempting this with a 300GB SATA Seagate, 80GB WD IDE, and a 80GB Maxtor IDE (not all connected at the same time). Video is a GeForce2 PCI because the 6600GT died a horrible, horrible death. CPU is an Athlon 64 X2 3800+. ALL SPEEDS STOCK. On to the problem. It occurred when I moved the motherboard out of it's case and then put it back in the same case. Booting XP off a CD works fine, those bootable technician CDs work fine. When you install XP off the CD, when the installer restarts to load XP setup i get the message "error loading operating system." That was achieved using either the WD 80GB IDE or the Maxtor 80GB IDE, both wield the same results. The jumper settings are fine, the drives show up in the BIOS, appear to be normal, and I get the same problem with 1 or both drives. Oh what fun this is. I tried installing windows on a Seagate 300GB SATA HDD to spice things up a bit. I now get the message "A disk read error has occurred, press ctrl+alt+del to restart." I have tried clearing the CMOS, that was obvious. I cleared the hell out of it, POST says 'checksum bad' afterwards so it has been cleared. I had the 4/06/06 BIOS originally so I flashed it with the 11-2005 BIOS, same problem, then flashed the 12-2005 BIOS, no diff. Flashed on the 4/06/06 BIOS again. Flashing was ALL done using a 3.5" floppy drive and the process was completed with no problems. I have tried this with 4x512MB DDR400, 1x512MB DDR400, and each one of those 4 sticks one at a time in various slots not changing anything. I have a PSU tester and it tests perfectly. PSU is new. Was there anything I missed? I have tried a million BIOS settings and nothing changes. Everything was just peachy until I carefully removed the motherboard from it's chassis.
  4. Looks sweet but not very practical for a portable?
  5. this is my 1st DFI build.. NF4 Expert :cool:
  6. Agreed. The Future is here, get an Xbox 360. In my opinion, it's perfect. There is no flaw with a 360. Sure, there is no 'next-gen' optical drive in it, but look at the graphics in Gears of War? Surely we don't need blu-ray to get a great entertainment experience. Plus you can buy the external HD-DVD kit. The Nintendo Wii is a blast and a half. It is in no way competition with any of the other two consoles, because it is a totally different kind of system. It uses innovative interactivity instead of next-gen graphics and multimedia features. I have both an Xbox 360 and a Wii, and when we have a party or have family over, the Wii gets all the action because non-gamers love it. Just my two cents, get both a Wii and 360
  7. Bloodflame.. i am, but i'm more into the selling than the buying this paycheque.. my work burned to the ground the other day and i'm not sure what kind of job i have now &bump
  8. The 69 Eyes - Gothic Girl guys you should totally get last.fm accounts and use that for this here's my page: http://www.last.fm/user/n1ce_hat/
  9. 25k points, 150 WUs! good call thunda, i had to turn on the houses' heating system last week so i see no reason not to fold i expect to get more numbers crunched now that i dont have to worry about heating my house up.. now its an advantage:)
  10. man the thermaltake power supplies have a bad reputation here eh? oh and i noticed i had a connector off the PSU with three molex + the floppy connector, and im just using it to power the mobo's floppy power connector and a fan. I'll switch it to that one, and i'm stripping the drive of all its contents right now to format. edit: just formatted the computer, switched over that cable, and everything appears to be A-OK! I'll post here again if a similar issue strikes back.
  11. hey, as of very recent (month or two), i have been having this weird problem with my boot disk, 160GB PATA WD drive. every hour or so (sometimes less), you can hear the drive physically slowing down as if it just lost power.. then waits for a few seconds.. then boots back up and resumes work. i have power management set to shut off hard disks after 1 hour (which should be plenty..). im thinking about formatting it tonight, but is there a good solid program out there to test the drive first? im scared to install windows on it again, as i fear for its life.. its my systems' oldest drive, about a year + 1/2 old and used constantly for the duration of its existance. my power supply is the 680w thermaltake in my sig. my system isnt extremely power hungry.. suggestions?
  12. we need more people to tune that DFI radio station with us!
  13. it was an entertaining show, but the show cant go on forever.. not many shows can pull a 'simpsons'
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