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  1. i cant wait till this board finally comes out. I have the foxconn nf590 board right now but i just dont like how the bios is setup. im just so used to the dfi i dont know what to do....hahah
  2. tony said it has been postponed....i honestly dont really see it happening not for that price at least.
  3. i dont see them dropping the price on the good x2s though.....but whatever. cant wait forever for a price drop
  4. where is the option for conroe + am2 or even all 3?? all my am2 parts arrive on monday so i'll test that out for a while then probably build a conro rig around december/jan time....
  5. of course thats why i said "haha" was being sarcastic. on a related note the new abit fatal1ty board has the LED debug upright so you dont have to torque ur neck to read it.
  6. haha a case with the back panel/wires on the top.....that would be hot.
  7. with x86 you should be good to go pretty much. Vista has a decent amount of drivers built in it. Its worked perfect with everything i've throw at it since i've been a beta tester. unforuntatly 64bit continues to be a pain. Not sure why M$ doesnt push to get get drivers for anything and everthing out there.
  8. should work fine on nf2. i had it running on my old gateway 700x w/ only 512mb of ram and it worked great. Just didnt have glass.
  9. wow i really love this board for some reason. CMOS clear is in a much better place this time around. Well at least for me it is. got some questions though. Why is it that all board makers put the debug LED sideways though?? I mean why not put it upright so when i look through the case window i can read it without having to tilt my head to the side??
  10. i've been beta testing it for months and its getting to the point where im soo used to it that XP is getting to be wierd. Techno: if you want to get it i would suggest you use a download accelerator. Though i've never been a fan of them i've read about people having great success w/ getting vista and at great speeds using them. worth a shot if your board i guess.
  11. i believe thats the ATI board with the copper cooler. The nf590 has the same cooler we have now.
  12. so this board has the same name and looks rather different. Its Capless....yum
  13. board looks ok i guess. Kinda looks like the crappy fan is blocking one of the sata connections.....
  14. motherboard now officially sold....
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