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Buying A Digital Camera


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Hey guys. I'm looking to invest in a digital camera. Figure its about time I got one of my own instead of borrowing from people all the time. I'm looking for the following qualities:


Fast capture (low time between pressing the button and the shot)

At least 3 Megapixels

Very close range for taking closeups (macro mode)

Rechargable batteries (Not typical rechargable but NiMH or somesuch) (or at least rechargable in some format)


A good shutter. The thing in front of the lens that protects it when the camera's off. I've heard/seen a lot of cameras that are great, but it takes a minute to wiggle the thing open.


Anyways, that's about it. I'm looking for the less then $500 or so Canadian (so...less then $370 or so American I think?)


Talk to me folks!

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hehe well not exactly my digital camera (Vivitar-1.2megapixel/lcd/64mbCFcard/moviemode/fastpicturetakes/etc) cost $70(US)


A very nice 3megapixel camera can be purchased for about $200 or less :)

Try epinions.com to review all types of products, including digital cameras.

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I got my dig cam in the beginning of the summer. A Nikon CoolPix 3100. I highly recommend it. I know 2 other people with the same camera also, and we all love it.


3.2 megapixels

3x optical zoom (very important to me)

small and fits hand perfectly with raised right side

14 special scene modes, including close-up

(also has a sports mode that can take multiple pics in a row and stuff like that)

It has quicktime movie capability, but no sound.


As far as how fast the pictures get captured, that depends on the memory speed, not really the camera. My camera uses compact flash. You can get 40x compact flash if you're really concerned about capture speed.


Anyways, the price has been around $350 for a long time now in retail outlets. Here's a link to newegg: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?...rtby=14&order=1

i can't remember if they ship to canada, but it's $290 there. That's where i got it from a couple of months ago


Oh, and i bought four AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries to use for it...it takes 2 at a time. Works great. It comes with a CR-V3 lithium battery which lasts really long, but isn't rechargeable. It's nice to keep around for backup incase your rechargeables die and you can't get to a recharger in time.


Hope that helps.

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This is what i got, and very happy with it not too expensive $200 range,10x zoom ,macro(2.8 in) video,etc.

Batteries are ni-cad i take aprox.125 shots with a $15 set.

check it out B)


first off, you should get Ni-MH, as i'm pretty sure they're better for dig cams and if it takes Cad, it should take MH.


At the same time i got my nikon, my dad got the kodak dx6340. It's basically like the one you have, but with 4x optical zoom instead of 3x. He liked the extra zoom. He's had no problem with his camera either, and loves it. He's actually used his more than i've used mine. It uses secure digital memory. I've noticed that secure digital does slightly better compressing than my compact flash memory. We both have 256mb cards and his can hold like 15 more pictures than mine can at max res., and also, when we transfer them to the comp, mine are around 1mb, and his are around 800kb i think. I don't remember exactly. That's something i had never seen on any site regarding the differences in memory. Not that it would really matter for most people. The kodak is bigger than the nikon, but my dad didn't mind because he was used to using a regular camera that's bigger than both.

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I have an HP735 Photosmart 3.2 Megapixel 8 Meg internal memory plus you can obviouslly get cards.



Video and sound capture mode, AVI format (very sweet)


Speed shutter to catch pictures in motion still frame basically




nature mode


non still object mode (for when things are moving and you want a good focus picture)


Awsome close up (you can see the hair on a knates .)


you would have to buy your own rechargable batteries though


DC in


TV Out


Usb adapter


and a million other awsome features I have no clue how to use.


oh ya and stylish looking too sorry no picture but you might find it on the HP website.


all for about $375.00 American actually i think I paid 325 or somewhere around there.

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i've heard bad things about HP dig cams.


The top 3 brands, from what i've heard/seen/read, are nikon, canon, kodak. Olympus is really good too. But i wouldn't venture away from any of those brands unless you absolutely love something else. As for sony (since someone mentioned it), they're usually not worth the price. I've heard the quality ain't as good as the aforementioned brands.

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kobalt that's actually the exact one I was looking at.


How does it do for response speed?  I don't need anything blisteringly quick, but faster is always better, right?

There's actually a sports shot setting for faster shutter speed i took a couple(lol) outside shots birds, speed boats,races.

Here i even took that one while my CPU fan was running at 2000+rpm's (no kidding) and that's what came out.

I thinh that's good shutter speed :P


If you want an idea of pics and real size of what it can give check my gallery


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