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  1. yeah, definitly looking forward to spore
  2. well, you end up fighting it for hours, thats good for you and ur paycheck. Just remember if it wasn't for all the stupid people that do this, your job would be limited to wildfires and very limited in work to do.
  3. I lit a lighter on fire once with another lighter in a little pile of leaves the size of my hand in the woods. It blew up and i lost hearing for a few seconds and it was a very bright flash bang whatever it was. I was around 13 years old.
  4. thats fricken hilarious! Props on the person who thought of hooking a clapper to a computer, or an enemies computer for that matter! lol
  5. I live on Cape Cod in massachusetts. But thats probably way to far out of ur trip.
  6. Well, i'm under the lgal drinking age, but my favorite drink is smirnoff apple. See, there is a technicallity to that drinking law called freedom to practice religion... yea...so i claim that as my purpose of drinking. And its legal! My fav non-alcoholic would have to be milk though, i can drink about a gallon a day. Dunkin' Donuts French vanilla ice coffee regular is a close second though, as i buy 3 larges a day!
  7. Which is where i got my info from. Their website. Though i didn't bother to look for it tonight. I'm sure u can google it. The official site shows how to do what u want to do, it works with all video cards. It shows how to do it with games that were popular when that card came out. I'm sure u'll get the idea. If you dont, just post and ill look for the info for ya.
  8. I've done this before. Unfortunatly, it never worked out, and it ended up ruining our relationship as friends. Thats why i would look at this negativly. But thats just me. I hope you can make it work out well. If it does, then you will be perfect for each other!
  9. Yea, change the config or ini file in whatever game and change the resolution. U probably can't do it from in-game options. Its not normal to be able to play this way.
  10. I understand your point of view. But i don't get where you think you have a right to tell other teens how to live there life. Do you really think just because an ad offends you, you have a right to tell other occ forumers that are underage what to do or how they are supposed to be raised? No. Thats not your job. Under your logic, i would like to completely disagree with you and i support these kinds of ads being displayed. And . out of wedlock? You know it is possible to need a paternity test if you have 2 wives, cause this is legal in some countries. So technically that wouldn't be out of wedlock at all. So your basing your opinion on USA law and other countries with laws for 1 wife only. You psychically figure that everyone lives in a place where 1 wife is the only way and therefore there is no need for a paternity test. But if you expand your views to include the whole world, u'd see thats not the only right way. You've brought on your own religious teachings of christianity and imposed them on everyone. Now I'm not trying to flame your point of view either. If you feel that way, then all the better for you and your morals. Plus I also am one of the confused ones as with everyone else as to how this relates to underage . or promotion of sexual materials to minors. I mean, you can look up paternity testing in school, in a library, ask your guidance counselor at school/college. And everyone here is over 13 i believe, but i could be wrong on that. So everyone knows about it, and if they don't, something is wrong with sexual education in the school system of their belonging. And on a funny note, we are all geeks anyway, so like this ad would matter to a minority of us anyways. Cause we all know we are geeks with no lives other than to chat with our cyber friends here and have no time for relationships in the first place. I mean, what geek actually has a gf/bf and has these kinds of problems? lmao
  11. Wallpaper is just so i can actually see the name of icons and for not so much of a burn in on my monitor. and i actually don't use anything on my desktop at all really. I use my auto-hide taskbar quick launch toolbar for everything i do most of the time.
  12. 5 <--my lucky number, how odd, just realized that
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