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  1. I have the crosshair IV formula and aside from having to take the NB/SB heatsinks off to replace the paste cause of heat problems i'm very happy with it the OC programs that comes with the board are awsome. I bought a pair corsair vengence 4 gig sticks and windows 7 puts it at 7.4 for memory (7.9 max) The board itself is very solid temps still runs a little high but i've whipped it with everything i got after changing the paste and had no issues. Coul've been one of the early ones i've heard that Asus fixed that heat sink problem but it's an easy fix really. I would recommend it
  2. Makes a lot of sense... usually if i had NB heat problems i would slap on a fan but those are funny shaped lol i'll try reversing the fans see what that does I did remove the side pannel once when i heard the fan noise getting higher and it went down but i'm still going to get some thermal stuff tomorrow and remove those heat sinks just to satisfy my curiosity thanks for the help
  3. Nothing excessive, i have the AMD cooler that came with the 965 chip (small heat pipe) a 140mm fan overhead that blows in and had a 120 behind that was an exaust but i've turned it inward since i've noticed that temp my video card does not get too hot even playing there's 2 holes in front of the case for 120's but they're empty so no pressure positive or negative. I've read a few comments on other sites about that board and it seems the first models of that motherboard had poor connettion to the NB/SB chips and crappy paste i'm really thinking about checking that out. Seems funny that the CPU holds a normal temp and the NB goes wild specially with heat sink like the ones on that board (heat piped) link to a inside pic http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2103592/case%20pic.JPG
  4. Hi all, i recently bought a Asus crosshair 4 formula and i think i might have a slight temp problem with the NB it's like holding hotter than the CPU itself IDLE i mean i dont think this is normal Ive read that some peoples took off the heat sinks all together and replaced the paste somehow i dont think that would do it's like the heat sink isn't even touching the chip with those temps Any suggestions? EDIT: oops temps would be good right about now lol sorry NB :49C SB :41C CPU :45C and this is standard settings i havent OC'd anything yet
  5. I used to be ATI all the way till recently my reason is that i looked on top of the shelf of my desk and i have 3 screwed up ATI on there and i have an old nvidia in my test comp that's still going after so many years so i tought.... time to switch since then i bought 3 Nvidia and they're still running 1 over 2 years one about 8 months and my recent BFG 260 maxcore Dosn't mean they're better but i just didn't want to pile another screwed ATI on my desk
  6. Agrees with gabrieltessin on the high powered rifle with a hand gun you will end up with nasty bumps that you will probably have to hammer off a high power rifle shot will drill trough like ice pick in butter i tried it on pots and pans and the holes were perfect Edit : and the cracking sound is a lot nicer loll Re edit : not for prarie dog lovers but speaking of shooting laughs hard
  7. I have the Ultra LSP750 750-Watt i dont OC but it's running a X4 965 125W and a BFG 260... 3 hard drive and a couple 220mm and 240mm fans the CPU fan 4 gigs of corsair XMS2 DHX ... i bought it first cause of the lifetime warrenty and so far so good after 4 months it holds numbers 5.03 on the 5... 11.9 on the 12V etc. planning to get a second video card... some might think i'm taking a huge chance but you cant beat it for the price at 70 bucks and i dont know i like to give the little guy a chance lol
  8. Laughs i still have a few 5-1/4 floppies lying around you could put 720K on those black hole size storage device then and you could punch them the other side and put twice the amount on one single disk WoW
  9. i have a G110 very happy with it and the keys lights up like the razer in red or blue and everything in between great feel to it also the key clicks are almost inaudible there's a USB port in the back great for your mouse receiver and a headset/mic plug
  10. This was my first comp a whole 16K of ram that i had boosted up to 48K it came with a 4track tape recorder as a storage device lol you could actually hear the bits loading when you loaded something onto it ... a bit like a cricket on red bull Atari And every month i went and bought a magasine called Antic there was a program in it with pages after pages of just numbers and letters that i had to enter on that flat keyboard to be able to play a silly game loll To have an idea click HERE and at the bottom view listing 2 ( DASHDATA.LST we were glad to get a few lines in a row of only zeros
  11. Awwww i actually e-mailed Rand Corp to see what they tought of the 1954 picture and they told me it was a hoaks http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/hoaxes/computer.asp
  12. status ? well i'm not married if that's what you mean lol

  13. i'm not really 80 loll but i'm probably old enough to be half of you guys dad but what does it matter anyways ;)

  14. I have this newb question to ask i never had a motherboard that i could put 2 video cards in and i still dont but i'm looking at the ASUS M3N-HT DELUXE and presently i have a BFG GTX-260 maxcore55 as a video card and i also have a small almost unused GT 220 could those be put together on the board and would that do any kind of a diffrence on the main one if i could ? ---> noob hiding
  15. Agrees with Darth a battery backup will only give you time to shut down your comp as usual if all you do is regular stuff (gaming, folding or being on OCC
  16. I've had a true power and it crapped on me it dosn't mean they're all alike but mine did crapped after a year well maybe 13 months
  17. First time i see that one... would be an awsome match with Asus Rampage III Extreme looks like they used the same "angles"
  18. For a 20Mhz i tought it was a little overpriced myself loll You imagine the rig you could build with $8500 now days Edit: found another good one you might have to zoom in to see the text but it's funny Rand Corp. still exists btw My link Still wonder what the Yacht sterring wheel is for
  19. This is what a top of the line comp looked like in 1989... not really afordable loll My link hope the link works Found this cleaning up an old drive, and had to share
  20. I have my window files on a 160 gig, true that all programs are stored in there to work but having windows on a separate drive saved my life once, i caught a virus and it totally screwed up the drive good thing i didn't load it on the same drive with all my stuff all i had to do is reload windows and load back everything. So i have windows and whatever it takes to run everything on a 160 and all my video stuff (movies etc) is on a TB and everything i ever downloaded on a 1- 1/2 one. soooo a little drive is always good
  21. I know what i have my eye on .. the monstrous NOCTUA NH-D14 cause well i dont like water cooling and peltier stuff i become paranoid at the idea of sparks and smoke and that thing is the best air you can get... also big but well you cant have everything on the good side it does takes the extra room you dont know what to do with in your case lol
  22. i have a G110 and i'm super satisfied with, it it's got 36 programmable keys for games 12X3 you can stick your USB mouse receiver in the back of it and forget it (clears a precious USB port) there's also a headset IN.. regular multimedia stuff above the numerical cluster but what i like most is the keys color change from red to blue and everything in between blue is useful when you have to turn off the lights lol... the feel of the keys is good too not too springy and almost non audible i would definitely recommend it
  23. Well basicly if you build your case the drive cages aren't the hardest thing to do since it's two plates with holes in them wether it's plexi or metal the holes just have to be aligned and you just use you imagination Like this pic for instance (5-1/4) i've cut the inside of one that i had and soldered the mesh in but i could've made it all myself. and it becomes unique. All those little slots aren't that important, it's just adjustments and if you do it custom you dont really need them. I want to take the Opp. to say hi to my old frends from OCC, it's been a LOOOOONG time loll Happy 2008 to all and may you irradiate yourself with the speed of your CPU's loll
  24. I was just going to start a thread about me wanting to change the core of my system and wanting you guys advice about the ASUS Maximus loll They also have it here for us Canucks http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku...anufacture=ASUS How is it that it's cheaper still in the US boggles me a bit tough
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